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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

South Whitehall Comm'r Mobilio is Vewy, Vewy Angwy

Mad Matty Mobilio
Brad Osborne is both a former Lehigh County and South Whitehall Township Comm'r. He's noticed that, as newsrooms are constantly downsized, daily newspapers are no longer capable of providing the coverage and well-needed scrutiny of local elected officials that at one time was the norm. So when I reached out and asked for citizen journalists willing to cover Lehigh Valley municipalities or elections, he was one of several to express interest. He has provided some useful insight into the machinations in South Whitehall, a community he once served. And guess what? At least one of the Commissioners, Matt Mobilio, is hopping mad. Amazingly, he's angriest at me. This just tells me we're doing something right.  

Who the Hell is Matt Mobilio? 

Mobilio has only been in office a year. Though our local news industry is only a shadow of itself, it did pay some attention to him. Mad Matty generated headlines when he posted a Facebook message stating, "If you support [Donald Trump], you are also a disgrace and should be hung for treason." 

That sounds like something Trump would say.  

Of course, Mobilio's hateful rant resulted in numerous calls for his resignation, including a petition signed by 241 people. Of course, he refused to step down. No surprise there. It's nearly impossible to remove elected officials from office. 

They're like bed bugs. Once they're in, they're in. 

It's hard to understand how he ever got elected in the first place. In November, he wrote that Rudy Giuliani (not my favorite person) "can go fuck himself." 

As a lawyer, I find his solicitations disgusting. In March 2019, he bragged about getting $20,000 for a slip-and-fall client who fell at a movie parking lot. In January 2019, he solicited divorce clients. "It's that time of year again ... [sic] If you are thinking about getting a divorce call Mobilio Law today!" 

A partisan Democrat, he has slammed LC DA Jim Martin a few times. That's to be expected. Martin is, after all, a Republican. But Matt fights with everyone, even State Rep. Mike Schlossberg. He attacked Schlossberg, a partisan Dem, for failing "to publicly like or share my positive posts about what we are doing for the township." 

Schlossberg responded, "Tell you what. Pick up the phone so we can have a conversation about how to gain support without insulting others ... on Twitter. This isn't how adults behave, let alone elected officials who should work together." 

He has actually taken his Commissioner Facebook page down twice "for my own mental health" because he hates criticism. Hate to break it to you, Matty, but you're in the wrong business. 

What the Hell Did Brad Osborne Do to Matt?

Osborne has posted two blogs about South Whitehall. The first concerns a possible violation of the Sunshine Act. This is precisely the kind of story that newspapers routinely ran to keep local officials transparent. The second story concerns the way that phony liberals like Matty have dealt with striking public works staffers in the middle of a pandemic. The word "heartless" comes to mind.  

Neither of Osborne's stories mentions Mad Matty by name. 

I've written my own story. It is about all local governments, not just South Whitehall. I argue that it's time to return to in-person meetings. In my view the pandemic has become an excuse to shirk work and meet behind closed doors. 

My story never mentioned Mad Matty by name. 

But Mobilio, who seems just a tad unhinged, has been braying away at me, both on Facebook and Twitter. He has even posted links to my story. 

Thanks, Matt. I noticed an increase in readership. 

The Person Who Really Deserves Mobilio's Ire

That would be blogger Michael Molovinsky. Unlike Osborne or myself, that little bastard has written specifically about poor Matty. Michael was very mean to Matty. He even accused him of being "a student of the Mark Pinsley School Of Office Jumping." I'm far nicer. Prettier, too. Michael has escaped Mobilio's wrath, which has instead been directed at me. 

A Question For Mad Matty

I realize Mobilio is busy settling slip-and-fall cases for $20,000, filing divorce cases in January and attacking his perceived enemies on Facebook and Twitter. But I have a question. There's a hothead who shares the same name as you, Matthew Mobilio. This hothead has the same birthdate (7/4/80) that's listed on your voter registration.  On 9/13/99, Whitehall police charged this jerk with disorderly conduct, harassment and conspiracy with multiple criminal objects,. He pleaded to the conspiracy. 

That's not all. This very angry Matt Mobilio was also charged by Emmaus police with disorderly conduct arising from an incident on 5/3/2000. This matter was dismissed. 

Perhaps there's another Matty who has the same birthday as you. Perhaps not. 

The fault, dear Matty, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Social media in the Age of Trump got the best of many people. You were certainly bitten, and have been less reasonable in response. This knucklehead was mauled, though. He's left reality and will spend the rest of his days in a circle of defending the hateful things he can't keep from spewing while throwing his latest online temper tantrum. Admittedly, if I was looking for a soulless. ambulance chaser with no ethics to bring me a big payday, I'd hire the guy in a second. He sounds like he'd step on his mom's neck to get a bigger settlement. All lawyers suck, except your lawyer, right?

I've enjoyed Brad's early posts. They're though provoking, and I look forward to more.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would never hire a person who has to promote him myself or who is unable to spell “lackey.”

Matthew Mobilio said...

Lol. "As a lawyer..." Did they give you back your law license? But seriously, nice article. I'm enjoying this.

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

No fan of Mobilio and certainly appreciate your paying some attention to him.

However, I'd ask that you reconsider posting his date of birth. To me, that crosses a line into doxxing and doesn't add anything to the story. I realize that far too much of our personal information can be found online, but I don't think we should make it easier for anyone to do harm to another by freely posting someone's personal info.

Beyond that, great post.

You probably want to double check the date on the Emmaus incident, however. Unless Mobilio is a time-traveler, it's unlikely that it happened in 2090.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 6:51 on the addition of Brad and your expanded coverage strategy here at LVR. Any other additions in the pipeline?

James Neara said...

But look at you, Bernie! You can see way into the future, when a 110 year old Matty Mobilio gets arrested in Emmaus for disorderly conduct in the year 2090! Might wanna proofread your own writing for typos and stuff.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:27, That date of birth is essential and adds everything to the story. We know that a Matt Mobilio with the same DOB as our Mad Matt has had run ins with the law over his short fuse.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Agree with 6:51 on the addition of Brad and your expanded coverage strategy here at LVR. Any other additions in the pipeline?"

Two others have expressed interest, but only Brad has participated.

Anonymous said...

The madman looks like one of those short guys who walks on the balls of his feet to feel/appear taller. Like he’s some kind of angry little person upset at the normal height people for not being little people too. His one redeeming quality is that he seems to not like Darth Voter.

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

You could just as easily say that the police report matches Mobilio's birthdate, but without printing the actual birthdate.

I understand that you're using the birthdate to confirm that it's the same person. Confirming your facts is good journalism.

But I still don't think it needs to be printed in the post. That's responsible journalism

Bernie O'Hare said...

I obviously disagree. There is nothing about a DOB that I consider intrinsically private. I also considered it important to let my readers know that this DOB is the same one that Mobilio lists on his voter registration. This DOB is public information, both there and on the very public docket sheets. I would not post his phone number or home address. That is something I think would be irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Mobilio 7:04, if you're a student of the Pinsley School of Office Jumping, I'm sure you'll appreciate this blog post when you want to climb the political ladder. Imagine how people in your area will react when they find out a candidate for office is nothing more than a sleazy ambulance chaser.

Maybe you could shed some light on something else: the individual charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and conspiracy with multiple criminal objects...is this you? The DOB on the court documents matches your DOB.

If it isn't you, all you have to do is say so. If not, your silence speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Matt, we know that you just endorsed Tori Morgan for her reelection efforts (which will fail), and we know in 2019 Tori abandoned the candidates from her own party to campaign for you & the midnight appointee Joe Setton. Does Tori Morgan endorse your antics on social media? If she does, that says something about her. She clearly covered for you after your "hung for treason" comment in June.

Anonymous said...

DOB is the easiest thing in the world to find. It's essential to matching dockets on the PA Criminal Courts portal and can be determined in about two seconds. A quick white pages search will provide it in slightly more time.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is aligned with Mark Pinsley gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Since when are you a lawyer?

Bernie O'Hare said...

” ol. "As a lawyer..." Did they give you back your law license? But seriously, nice article. I'm enjoying this.”

Mad Matty, I’m delighted you enjoy this, but why don’t you answer the questions? That would be the transparent thing to do? Are you the Matt Mobilio who appears to have anger issues?

Anonymous said...

What Happen at Brookside Country Club last August looks like something might have with Mad Matty !!

LVCI said...

Regarding Bernie's legal skills. From what I've experienced over the years with lawyers, a piece of paper hanging on the wall does not a lawyer make. I think anyone underestimating Bernie's knowledge of the law would be making a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

I have personally dealt with Bernie's legal expertise. He might be a miserable, hell-bound, cranky and flatulent old SOB, but he's better than most that currently practice.

Also I prefer "lickspittle" to "lackey"

Anonymous said...

They all hang at the golf course and limeport inn to predescussed there outcomes of hearing pryor. Seems this is the same as the sunshine act behind closed doors?

Anonymous said...

Legal training is one thing. But a lawyer he definitely is not, and it is duplicitous to say that he is.

And his legal knowledge isn't nearly as good as you believe it is.

Anonymous said...

Very immature, why is he asking about Commissioner Setton's picture on his wall? Mobilio is the kill everyone who supports Trump for treason guy.

Anonymous said...

a partisan Democrat who Republican Tori Morgan has embraced and coddled (she is also his neighbor). She refused to censure Mobilio for his comments wanting to kill off 50 percent of South Whitehall residents who may support Trump. Tori Morgan is past her prime and has out stayed her usefulness to the citizenry of the residents of South Whitehall. Morgan is the dictionary definition of RINO, remember this Republicans during the primary this year...every vote counts.


peterjcochran said...

Bernie, first of all , when people move here into the Lehigh Valley they bring their political stuff with them . That’s why they are are essentially “ “ “political refugees “ from New York and New Jersey. There should be moratorium on these people being able to vote for five years. They should have to give up that right to move here. . They move here and move in other venues and screw up things all over the country. I hate the EASD for example, there should be no academic retiree s allowed on an any boards . Easton School District is dysfunctional. The Administrative Head should be taken out and Tarred and Feathered in my OPION. I would go there and drive tar truck to the door my self . They need a controller. They have no respect for the tax payer. Football should be as free as xCross . I hate them. I hate paying for incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Please consider writing a new post on the update on the demise of the now former Commissioner. MCall's article already made him look like a fool, but I would love to see what the little guy has to say now that he's tumbled from his Commissioner "throne"