Monday, March 08, 2021

NorCo GOP Exec Candidate Wants Your Money at a Lehigh County UPS

Though there are numerous UPS stores located in Northampton County, they apparently fail to meet the standards of the GOP's banner bearer in Northampton County. Candidate Steve Lynch, who recently and repeatedly told the tea party that he was going to "hammer" incumbent Executive Lamont McClure, has told his lynch mob to send all their donations to the UPS store in Whitehall. Last time I checked, Whitehall is in Lehigh County. 

So much for Northampton County first. 

Ironically, McClure has always been a Northampton County first kind of guy.  Whether it is transportation funding or regional economic development, he has been a fierce advocate for the county in his time as Exec. I am sure that LVEDC CEO Don Cunningham and LVPC Director Becky Bradley would readily agree. I personally have found that attitude a bit parochial. But that's me. No Executive has fought harder for county interests than he.  


Anonymous said...

Bernie, I’ve heard that Mr Lynch has already reached out to Amy Trapp so she can come back as his Human Resources Director. Glad I don’t work there anymore.

Anonymous said...

So now YOU are being parochial.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that Amy Trapp reached out to him. However, they both live in Northampton Borough and support Trump so who knows.

Anonymous said...

Becky Bradley is the female McClure, same attitude and big employee retention problems... They are basically brother and sister in thinking executive means all being power

Check the joint planning commission roster of employees, 20 people and the change is like 5 a year.... bigly turnover not good longterm

Anonymous said...

McClueless was just a sleazebag asbestos lawyer who preyed on sick people

he could care less about the county