Monday, March 15, 2021

Who's Running in NorCo Townships?

Friday, I reported on Northampton County's borough races. There will be few contested elections, especially beyond the primary. How about the townships? 

Allen Township: No contested races.

Bethlehem Township: Only one Commissioner race (Ward 2) is in dispute. Democrat Jan Beatty will square off in the general election against the winner of a primary race between Republicans Steven Greco and Franklin Cope. There is also a Constable race. Bethlehem Tp is allotted two. Democrats Richard Seeds and Anthony Ortwein will face Republicans Shawn E Fariello and John F. Gallagher. Believe it or not, there's a contested Judge of Elections race in Ward 1-3 between Democrat Leslie M Altieri, who's run for everything, and Diane Capobianco. There will even be a contested Judge of Elections primary in Ward 2-2 between Republicans Steven Greco and Mary Beth Finnerty. 

Bushkill Tp: The only contested race is a primary contest for Constable between Republicans Mark Alan Staats and Chad Reinert.  

East Allen Tp.: No contested races. 

Forks Tp.:Two Supervisor slots will be decided in a race between Democrats John O'Neil and Durrell Johnson and Republicans Mike Rosenburg and Ty J Corallo. There will also be a disputed Constable race between Republican Gordon Crowell, Jr., and Democrat Jonathan Hagenbuch. 

Hanover Tp: Incumbent Republican Mike Prendeville will face Democrat Jean Versteeg in the sole Supervisor seat up for grabs. The winner of this race will decide whether Democrats or Republicans control Hanover Tp. 

Lehigh Tp: Perhaps the most conservative corner of Northampton County, two Supervisor seats are up for election this year. But no Democrat is running. They will be awarded in the primary to the two highest vote getters among Republicans David Hess, Phillip Gogel, Gerald L Pritchard and Larry Shoemaker. 

A tax collector race between Democrat Mary Louise Trexler and Republican Thyler Hantz will be decided in November. 

Lower Mt Bethel Tp: No contested races.  

Lower Nazareth Tp.: No contested races. 

Lower Saucon Tp:  Three Council seats (two four-year term and one two-year term) will be decided by the voters this year. Both are contested, but the two-year seat will be decided in the primary. 

Democrats after the four-year seat George J Gress, Victoria Opthaf-Cardaro and Maurice Kasmiroski. The three Republicans who filed are Donna Louder and incumbents Jason Banonis and Tom Carocci.

Only two Republicans - Donna Louder and Jennifer Zavacky - have filed for the two-year seat.

Moore Tp: One Supervisor seat and the  Constable position is disputed, but the Constable race will be over in the primary. The Supervisor seat is being sought by Democrat Jeffrey Ayers and Republicans Michael A Tirrell, Jr. and Richard K Gable (inc.). Republicans Jeffrey Kocher, Matthew Flower and Ronnie DelBacco want to be Constable. 

Palmer Tp.: The Supervisor seats held by Republicans Dave Colver and Robert Smitty Smith expire this year. A third Republican - Phil Taverna - has filed in the hope he can eliminate one of them. Three Democrats - Michael Brett, Joseph V Armato and Zane Rice - have also filed. Thre will be a contested general election.  

There will also be a contested Judge of Election race in Western District #2 between Democrat Gregory Hess and Republican Doris Lynch. 

Plainfield Tp.: The Supervisor seats held by Democrat Joyce Lambert and Republican Glenn A Borger expire this year. Lambert, joined by fellow Democrat Donald Moore, will likely square off in the general election against Borger and fellow Republican Robert E Cornman, Jr. In the Kesslersville ward, there will be a GOP primary contest for Judge of Elections between Susan Kleinle and Jennine Buzzard. 

Upper Mount Bethel Tp.: The Supervisor seats held by Republicans John Bermingham and Anthony DeFranco expire this year. They are seeking re-election, but Democrats David Friedman and Stavros Barbounis have mounted a challenge. 

Upper Nazareth Tp. Republican Supervisor Donna M Hirst has filed for re-election. She faces a challenge by Democrat Brian Sayago. There are also contested races for Auditor (Democrat William Bartlett and Republican Tracy L Herman) and Tax Collector (Republican Tracy A Adamski (inc.) and Democrat Jean Morgano). 

Washington Tp.: Incumbent Republican Supervisor David Hess has filed for re-election, but seeks a primary challenge from R Justin Huratiak. The winner of that contest will face Democrat Ralph Falcone in November. 

Williams Tp.: No contested races. 


Anonymous said...

A constable race between Democrat Mary Louise Trexler and Republican Thyler Hantz will be decided in November. SHOULD BE TAX COLLECTOR / Current Constable David Sheats is running unopposed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for that correction.

Anonymous said...

Lower Saucon is very different in the unofficial list posted on the county website. The version there shows the Ds and Rs each have 2 candidates for the 4 yr seat and one candidate each for the 2yr seat. Donna Louder is mysteriously gone from both -- challenged or maybe just withdrew?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Mike Hudak is not running in Bethlehem Township, helluva guy, and his dad Len was a great guy as well. The township needs good board members who asks the tough questions. Having a Hudak represent for decades has been beneficial to all the residents. Mike don't give up on us, please reconsider.......

Unknown said...

I noticed Forks Township has a contested race for constable.I googled constable and did not get a clear explanation of exactly what are the responsibilities of a constable. Would you please explain the duties of a constable in simple terms.

Anonymous said...

One running for constable in Moore Township has an active PFA and numerous misdemeanor convictions. Apparently this is OK to be a Constable in PA.