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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Latina Joins Lawyers Seeking South Bethlehem Judgeship

Tony Rybak, Jordan Knisley and Christian Colon all previously announced their candidacy for the South Bethlehem judgeship being vacated by Nancy Matos-Gonzales. Rybak and Knisley have both cross-filed, while Colon appears to have abandoned his campaign after his residency was questioned on this blog. You might think this is sad for the South Bethlehem community, which is a majority minority. No need to worry. A Latina, Ilda Perna,has joined the fray.  I have no other information about her. 


Anonymous said...

Rumor has that Ilda Perna does not meet the residency requirements. Have heard that several candidates filed for offices in places they do not reside.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Colon finally realize you can't claim a coworking office space in the district as your primary residence and not have the few people that are paying attention view it as suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Rybak is going to be tough to beat being he is a respected Lawyer I don't much about the other person's running for Mato's seat