Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Melatonin Gives Me Wild Dreams

A few nights a week, I've been taking melatonin before going to bed. I sleep much better and often need less sleep this way. An added benefit is that it gives me wild dreams. Let me share one from last night. 

In my dream, I was at the gym on the arc trainer, and was challenged to a boxing match that night with Julio César Chávez. Though I know nothing about boxing, I am Irish so I agreed.

While waiting for Chávez to show up, I got a call from an inside source telling me that a highly ranked elected official (I won't name this person because he's very much alive) had unexpectedly passed away. So I did a quick post. 

Still waiting, I saw a friend in the audience who might be saddened  to learn that this pol had passed, and shared the news. But he was instead happy to hear about it because of recent votes by this politician.

That's the way we've become as a society. We now bask in the deaths of people who belong to different tribes. That's why I was appalled by the delight of so many on my side of the political equation about the recent death of Rush Limbaugh. I detested the guy, but he was a fellow human being. Why should I be happy to hear he's dead? 

While pondering these questions, Chávez entered the ring to thunderous applause. I could see I was about to get my ass kicked. 

I was saved by the bell. The alarm bell woke me up. 


Anonymous said...

I don’t know if you’re serious about the melatonin and the crazy dreams but I take 5mg of melatonin every night and let me tell you, I have crazy, weird, bizarre, intense realistic dreams mostly every night that make absolutely no sense! Once I wake up, alarm or no alarm, I know I had these dreams but couldn’t even begin to explain them and mostly forget about them within 30 minutes. I doubt they’re related to the melatonin but since you brought it up......

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the dreams you have about McClure and Barron.

Anonymous said...

no dreams off melatonin. but it helps

Anonymous said...

Rushbo was a human being who delighted in mocking the folks that died of AIDS.
Him and his ditto heads had a good chuckle calling a young girl the Whitehouse dog.
He called the current VP a whore.
He decried a Democrats eulogy (Senator Paul WEllstone)as too political when fellow Democrats spoke of the dead man's actions.
Rush used the man's funeral to attack the folks who spoke at the funeral.
So at best casual indifference to his death is a gift to him.
He got a pass when his drug addiction problem was not amplified ala FOX---24/7 coverage and referring to him as a depraved drug user every time his name was mentioned.
Rush earned every bit of the hatred towards him
Did Rush deserve flags at half mast in Florida?
not a chance.
The right wing made noise that more people should have cried tears over his passing.
They refused to realize that Rush was hated for what he said and did.

Anonymous said...

To 6:40 Rush was only hated by the left liberal progressive assholes like yourself. I'm sure the millions of followers he had would also disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

The last time I heard Rush on the Radio was about 30 years ago. He laughed about the food poisoning death of a child and made fun of his mother.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I had no regard for the guy and posted several stories here that criticized him. But I NEVER slam people who've just died. It's just not cricket. You are trying to justify ugly behavior.

Anonymous said...

Try Magnesium powder, Naturally Calm is the brand I think I use. Doesn't mess with your head like melatonin does. Or if you can get over the crazy dreams you can use it in conjunction with the magnesium.

Anonymous said...

"But I NEVER slam people who've just died. It's just not cricket."--It is the proper thing to do ala the higher moral ground however at what point does that view change?
What point of evil has to be reached?
for example
" his family arranged for his remains to be placed in a lead-lined mahogany coffin, which was then sealed inside a block of concrete. At the cemetery, a large pit had been dug at the family plot. At its base and walls were 18 inches of reinforced concrete. The coffin was lowered, and covered with asphalt and tarpaper. More concrete was poured on top, followed by a layer of steel rails bolted together at right angles, and another layer of concrete. The entire burial process took two days."
One would wonder why a man was so hated---.
"In the winter of 1893–94, at the start of a depression, Pullman decided to cut wages by 30%. This was not unusual in the age of the robber barons, but he didn't reduce the rent in Pullman, because he had guaranteed his investors a 6% return on their investments in the town. A workman might make $9.07 in a fortnight, and the rent of $9 would be taken directly out of his paycheck, leaving him with just 7 cents to feed his family. One worker later testified: "I have seen men with families of eight or nine children crying because they got only three or four cents after paying their rent."
I am sure Pullman's family loved him yet I would not begrudge one of his workers raising a glass to his demise.