Friday, March 12, 2021

Will Carpenter Will Face MDJ Manwaring in North Bethlehem

I've been critical of Magisterial District Judge Roy Manwaring. He imposed court costs on a Defendant  who was acquitted on charges of overtime parking, and even refused to let him leavethe office until he paid up. Judge Manwaring was admonished by President Judge Michael Koury, Jr., and was forced to return the money.   The county controller recently took him to task for allowing constables and police officers in the secretarial area, giving them access to cash and financial records. Manwaring not only refused to take the Controller's recommendation, but I'm informed he's even provided keys to some constables. He also has been slamming President Judge Koury for daring to correct him.

Manwaring now has an opponent. Will Carpenter, a Cornell grad and retired commercial real estate professional, has filed on the Democratic side. Manwaring has cross-filed. 

Carpenter has promised "common sense." Manwaring has demonstrated he lacks that quality.  


Anonymous said...

Any Ivy league grad claiming to have common sense is quite a stretch in 2021. Don't you think?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No. But the animus against educated people is quite alive and well in 2021.

Anonymous said...

So, as I am reading this, as I have started to follow this blog from time to time, Judge Manwaring has an opponent......Good

But, I decided to check if there were any other articles on Manwaring and found there were.

So, I am writing because I am confused and dismayed because I recently had a hearing on a parking ticket in front of him.

The parking authority rep was there, gave his evidence and then I had a chance to speak. I tried to explain that I either did not see the ticket or it was not on the vehicle. I found out when I received the late notice in the mail. Wow, a $20.00 parking ticket up to $130+. So I request a hearing.

The judge answers me and says it is the practice of his court that if there are no warrants, he will dismiss the ticket for just the late fee of $40.00 and looks at me and says,"Good deal, huh?"

Well I guess from $130+ to $40.00 it's good, but, where I work is among other offices, among them, some attorneys, which some I have become friendly with.

So, I am asked how the hearing went, I explained and he said, so the case was dismissed and you still paid? So. Is a dismissal the same as not guilty?

Definition: Definition of dismiss
transitive verb

1: to permit or cause to leave
dismiss the visitors
Class is dismissed.
2: to remove from position or service : DISCHARGE
dismissed the thievish servant
3a: to reject serious consideration of
dismissed the thought
b. law : to put out of judicial consideration : refuse to hear or hear further in court
dismiss all charges
This case is dismissed.
4: to put out (a batsman) in cricket

Not to mention I did not have cash and I am told to go to the Parking Authority, use my credit card and the judge orders me to bring the receipt back to his office. Really? I'm busy too. Almost missed an appointment because of this. WTH?

So from checking past blog articles on this judge, the Woodmansees had the same thing happen but on a not guilty. Is not a dismissal the same????? Was I taken for a ride on tis? And I don't have the time to make calls or create a stink about this.....

I feel I was robbed. Not to mention in the middle of the hearing, some guy in regular clothes and a badge and gun some patches on his coat, enters the courtroom from a side door, interrupts the hearing to talk to the judge, judge signs something and he hearing is now taking longer....Again....WTH??????

I do hope this Carpenter guys wins and unseats this judge and does a better job...

Sorry this s long....I just cannot grasp having my ticket dismissed and then still paying $40.00...............

Anonymous said...

feed the meter next time

Anonymous said...

I’d think having looking up Mr.Carpenter , he just might out class the mini judge.