Thursday, March 18, 2021

Crampsie-Smith Tried to Restore Firefighter Positions

I noted yesterday that incumbent Council member Bryan Callahan was the only member of that illustrious body to say No to a tax hike in the middle of a pandemic. I added he was the sole Council member to say No to the elimination of four firefighters. I have to correct myself. Council member Grace Crampsie Smith did attempt to restore these positions. But when her proposal was shot down, she went ahead and voted for the budget eliminating those positions and raising taxes.

I'll give her credit for questioning the wisdom of her vote. Here's what she said to Gadfly: "Overall, I still have some doubts re: my budgetary votes, but that is the nature of the beast, and I will continue to vote my conscience knowing that often votes can be quite heart-wrenching. Did I make the best decisions during these budgetary votes? I still question if I did and probably always will. Ultimately, I made the decisions I thought needed to be made at that time, and I must live with that and move on."

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