Friday, March 12, 2021

Who's Running in NorCo's Boroughs?

Bangor Mayor: Brooke Kerzner, Bangor's Democratic incumbent Mayor, filed no nomination petition. Two Republicans, Mary Ellen DeFranco and Robert Goffredo, Jr., will duke it out in the primary for the Republican nomination. Goffredo sits on Borough Council.  

Bangor Borough Council. Bangor Borough Council is comprised of seven members. Four at-large seats are up this year. Two Democrats - Krista Ashmore and Michael J Bilotta (inc.) have filed. So have the following four Republicans: Jim Kresge (inc.); Jim Augustine (inc.); Joanna Paulson; and Marissa L Donnelly. 

Bath Mayor: Fiorella Mirabito, Bath's Republican incumbent Mayor, is running unopposed. 

Bath Borough Council: Bath Borough Council is comprised of seven members, and three seats are up this year. Only Democrat Michele Ehrgott (inc.) has filed a nomination petition. 

Chapman Borough: Nobody has filed. 

East Bangor Borough: Incumbent Republican Mayor Derek Powell is seeking re-election. There are currently six borough council members, and four seats are up for grabs. Only Democrat Susan Ruggiero and Republican Jennifer Rosanne Reese have filed nomination petitions. Both are incumbents.

Freemansburg: Incumbent Mayor Donald Lasso has filed no nomination petition. The borough's former long-time Mayor, Gerald Yob, seeks the Democratic nomination. Borough Council consists of seven members, with three seats up this year. Incumbents Gerald Yob, Margaret Reichard and Charles E Derr, have filed nomination petitions as Democrats. 

Glendon Borough: Mayor Melody McAllister has filed as a Democrat. There are two open seats on borough council. Democrat Amy Lynn Weisenberger-Caswell and Republican Donald Young have both filed. 

Hellertown: Democratic incumbent Mayor David Heintzelman, who is also a funeral director, has filed for re-election. There are seven members of borough council, with four seats up this year. Incumbent Democrats Thomas J Rieger, Gil Stauffer and Matt Marcincin have each filed. In addition, Democrat Theresa Fadem is seeking her party's nomination. 

Republicans Andrew Hughes and James W Hill have also filed. 

Nazareth: Incumbent  Democratic Mayor Lance E Colondo is running by his lonesome. There was some speculation that Carl Strye would run. He was the former mayor, but was forced to resign after being charged with and placed on ARD for skimming from gaming machines.  He filed no nomination petition. 

Unlike most tiny boroughs, Nazareth has nine Council members. None are at-large, but represent even tinier wards. In the first ward, incumbent Democrat Christopher Crook has no opposition. In the second ward, incumbent Democrats Jessica Teel Sadler (four years) and Laureen Pellegrino  (two years) have filed. In the third ward, incumbent Democrat Charles A Donello and Republican Strye are running for two open seats. 

Barring a write-in campaign, the election is over in Nazareth. 

Northampton: There will be a contested Mayoral race between Democrat incumbent Thomas D Reenock and Republican Council member Tony Pristash. In the borough council races, incumbent Republican Tony Pristash faces a primary challenge from Bonnie Almond in the second ward. Democrat Anthony S Lopsonzski, Jr. is running unopposed in the fourth ward. 

North Catasauqua: Incumbent Democratic Mayor William J Molchany, Jr.,is running unopposed. There are seven members of borough council, and four seats are up this year. Incumbent Democrat John Joseph Yanek and incumbent Republican Peter Paone III have filed for two of the seats. Republicans Michael Macsisak and Daniel R Snyder have also filed. 

Barring a write-in, this race is over. 

Pen Argyl Borough: No contested races. 

Portland Borough: No contested races.

Roseto Borough: No contested races. 

Stokertown: There will be a contested Council race. Republicans Kimberly Holden-Foryth and Renee Cantwell will vie with Democrats Pamela Davis and Rosemarie Wenzelberger over three seats. 

Tatamy: There will be a contested Mayoral primary between Republicans James D Pallante, Jr., and John Nadolski, Jr. 

Walnutport: The only contested race will be for Tax Collector. Republicans Kristie D Wilk and Scott B Stauffer will face off in the primary. The winner will go up against Democrat Jonathan Kenyon.

West Easton: There will be a Mayoral primary between Democrats Dan DePaul and Kenneth E Decker, Jr.  Five Democrats are running for four borough council seats. Paul Brown, Janie Jones Brown, paul G James, Kenneth E Decker, Jr and Matt Dees have all filed.  There is also a two-year seat on Council, and Democrat Paul G James is facing Republican Robert Adams. Matt Dees is also running unopposed for constable. 

Wilson Borough: There will be a contested Democratic primary in the second ward among Democrats Kenneth Kurt Snyder, Justin Woodring and Jeffrey Bracken. In the third ward there will be a contested primary between Shaun M Gable and James Klass. 

Wind Gap: no contested races. 

I will tell you about NorCo's township and city races on Monday. 


Harvey said...

Tricia if your reading this please run to retain your Constable seat, Dees is not fit to serve we have never seen his DD-214! WHAT A RE YOU HIDING DUMPLING?!?

Anonymous said...

Chapman is a lovely place filled with elegance and promise and endless possibilities. Has Chapman no government? Are Chapmanians being vaccinated? Has Susan Wild checked on the welfare of the Chapmanians in her district? Is the quarry a metaphor for something? Chapman is fascinating. What does Brad Osborne think of Chapman?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Harvey" is one of numerous fake names used by convicted liar Tricia Mezzacappa. Get help, Mezzacappa.

Anonymous said...

Here we go. Nazareth and it's good old boys club. Carl Strye Jr skims from his neighbors, friends, and fire company. And if you believe his vacations, RV, etc were funded with a mere 8k money grab, I have a bridge to sell you. Strye did all of this to his own community, and yet the brain dead want to elect him (in any capacity).

Speaks volumes about many in the Nazareth gang.

Anonymous said...

Nazzy is fine. There is an ankle bracelet requirement for public officials. They are worn like badges of honor. as they traverse borough streets that are remarkably similar to the lunar surface.

Anonymous said...

@8:08 - Not a Strye defender in anyway, but if nobody else wants the job, what other options do they have?

Palmer Pookah said...

The citizens of West Easton deserve a hard charging, well armed Constable who has a proven track record of reducing crime in her community not some limp wristed blogger who held the curious domain "" , vote Mezzacappa

Anonymous said...

Mezzalunatic (Palmer Pookah),
Shouldn't you be feeding your flying monkeys, or is it you can't afford to share your meal of dog food with them? Who wants a an old jailbird who tries to frame an innocent black man, has a rap sheet and is mentally disturbed? Did Dees ruin your plan of begging for write-in votes on an empty ballot? 10 people dumb enough to write your name in won't succeed this time.

Anonymous said...

She's not a constable. She's an unstable con.

Anonymous said...

8:08am - Wow sounds like someone is butt hurt in Nazareth. If you don't know the entire story, shut your trap.

Anonymous said...

Carl's not too smart and pretty dirty. But he'll always let you buy him a drink. What a guy. He perfectly represents the municipal halfway house that is Nazareth government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" If you don't know the entire story, shut your trap."

I know Strye lied to me several times before the theft proceedings brought against him. I know he admitted he's a thief in open court or he would never have received ARD. I know he is now claiming he took one for the team when the reality is that it is all about him.