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Thursday, May 14, 2020


I have been blogging since 2006, and though you may find this hard to believe, I sometimes piss people off. I've done it with people from all sides of the ideological spectrum. Occasionally, I run into people who will attempt to hijack this blog and load it with comments that I've repeatedly deleted. This prevents you from adding your own comments, but these trolls have no regard for anyone's views but their own. On weekends, I sometimes enable comment moderation so I can relax without dealing with the childish nonsense.

Yesterday, a politically correct and somewhat condescending elitist attempted to hijack this blog with what were probably several hundred comments. He'd throw the gates to Northampton County's jail open and release criminals so they don't get Covid-19, but is all for arresting small business owners who violate Governor Tom Wolf's shutdown in an attempt to put food on the table for their families. If they starve, so what.

I called him a good little Nazi.

And he is.

Eventually, I started to delete him, and he responded by attempting to hijack this block by posting the same three or four comments over and over, hundreds of times. I deleted them all.

In the evening, I enabled comment moderation only so that I could write without interruption.

You will no doubt see this troll today. Ignore him, just like you ignore the crazy idiot who incessantly attacks Judge Sam Murray.

I will delete the trolls when I get to them. I will enable comment moderation only when they interfere with my ability to write or research. They are obviously mentally ill.

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