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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

NorCo Secures $50k Box Truck Grant for Slate Belt Food Banks

Northampton County's Department of Community and Economic Development has received a $50,000 Monroe County gaming grant to purchase a box truck for the Mission of Love Food Bank in Bangor as well as the Portland/Upper Mount Bethel Food Pantry (PUMP) in Portland.

The truck is a 2019 Ford F-550 Box Truck with a lift gate.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Pons at SB mission of love is a very good person who believes in his goal to feed the hungry of the region. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and a truck for them to now use is just a wonderful gift indeed. Thank you all for caring and sharing your blessings upon this needed outreach.

Anonymous said...

dude, get professional help. seriously

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comment refers to a troll who is attempting unsuccessfully to hijack this blog. Ignore him. I delete him.

Jeff Fox said...

The search for a box truck has taken awhile. Thank you to all involved. Both MOL and PUMP provide great services for the Slate Belt!