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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

95 Residents, 7 Staff Battle Covid-19 at Gracedale

Northampton County reported yesterday concerning Covid-19 infections at Gracedale. The county's nursing home, which includes 600 residents and 700 staff is the largest in the state.

As of yesterday, 95 residents and 7 staffers are infected with the virus. So far, 195 residents have tested positive, and 38 have recovered. Forty-six residents have passed away. 44 staffers have been infected thus far, but 37 have recovered and are back at work. 


Anonymous said...

This is horrific. There is no protection for our seniors who live in close conditions and shave to interact with a staff who brought it in. They die alone, without representation as our current administration knows. Claim victory, move on to another press point, like Obamagate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wolf and McClure. Just let everyone at Gracedale die.