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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

NorCo Distributes 8,960 Meals

On May 21-22, Northampton County distributed 8,960 individual meals to the residents of Northampton County at drive-thrus set up at the Government Center in Easton and the Boys & Girls Club in Bethlehem. Each box contained a breakfast meal for four people. Approximately 440 people attended each event.

“You can’t really understand the need that’s out there until you’re looking it in the eye,” says Lamont McClure. “I want to thank Mayor Sal Panto and Mayor Bob Donchez for their support and for personally helping with the distribution of these meals.”

Remaining boxes were delivered to the Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem, New Bethany Ministries, Shiloh Manor, Third Street Alliance, the Hispanic Center of Bethlehem, Wilson Linx, the YMCAs of Bethlehem and Easton, Oliver Border House and Howard Jones Manor.

Employees from Northampton County EMS and the Sheriff’s Department provided assistance at each site.


Anonymous said...

Feed the hyngry

Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that this was supplied by the non-profit group Mission BBQ. Pictures of the frozen trays sure didn't look like breakfast food. More like fried potatoes and pulled pork or beef.

Anonymous said...

Meals for the county ?? Looks like meals for Easton and Bethlehem.

Anonymous said...

And the photo ops keep on coming.