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Thursday, May 07, 2020

Allentown to Resume Meter Enforcement on Monday, But Extends Permits and Licenses

Allentown has announced that curb to curb street cleaning by the city of Allentown and enforcement of parking regulations (including parking meters) will resume on Monday, May 11. Bethlehem has decided to tart handing out tickets as well.

I get the street cleaning. But since businesses have basically been shut down in both cities since Governor Tom Wolf's edict, there should be no need for meter enforcement. City officials will often say they have parking meters only to prevent people from lingering at businesses. This action proved what it really is - a money grab.

Fortunately, Allentown is a bit more understanding for food establishments and childcare centers. The Health Bureau and Fire Department are extending the license and permit periods of food and childcare establishments with licenses or permits due to expire this month.

Licenses for food establishments expiring in March, April and now May have been extended to June 30. The Health Bureau reminds those establishments to follow the food code, practice social distancing and follow Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s directive about take-out and delivery only.

Fire department inspections cover items like exit signage, work smoking detectors and fire extinguishers installed and tested. Among other things the facilities are also required to have an approved fire safety plan.

City childcare establishments with a health license and fire permit expiring in March or April and now May are also being extended to June 30. Since they've been shuttered, they should actually get a refund from the state.


Anonymous said...

Allentown is run by idiots.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they look forward to their contacts with you.

MarcusBrandt(never fixed an All Star Vote) said...

You have an update on Sam Murray (not Irish/Lebanese Fraud) fixing an All Star Vote for his Son Joseph =pathetic !