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Monday, May 25, 2020

Thode: Lazarus Rises Again!

Steve Thode's latest:

Yesterday, DoH reported 5,124 total deaths statewide from COVID-19. Of those 5,124, DoH reported that 3,357 were in nursing homes.

Today, DoH reported 5,139 total deaths statewide from COVID-19. Of those 5,139, DoH reported that 3,379 were in nursing homes.

Wrap your brain around that: 15 new deaths today of which 22 were in nursing homes! That means Lazarus rose from the dead 7 times between yesterday's report and today's report. Another miracle wrought seven times!

Meanwhile, it would appear just about every case and death reporting entity took yesterday off. Only 473 new cases reported statewide; 16 in Lehigh; 9 in NorCo.


LVCI said...

Death takes a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Or reports listing several covid deaths was cleared by results from testing.
Not unusual during an pandemic.
testing samples from dead people would be a low priority over the living.

Anonymous said...

Death doesn't, but the people reporting it sure do.

Anonymous said...


"All of this is why we won’t know the exact number of people who died of COVID-19 for years, Aiken said. Again, that’s nothing new. Final estimates for the number of people who died in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic weren’t published until 2011. Getting the slow count right, sorting through differences between disparate and nonstandardized state reporting systems, correcting errors and categorizing probable cases, finding ways to understand how many Bob Duffys we’re missing — it all takes time. This is, experts emphasized again and again, something nobody has ever done before. But the precedent that does exist suggests we shouldn’t expect to get a “right” answer soon. “If you look at opioid mortality, they’re two and a half years behind on compiling that,” Aiken said."

Anonymous said...

People now aware and practicing good social habits. The "were all gonna die" strategy for the dems to control the masses wearing thin and they know it. Losing their grip on the younger age demographics who are now tuned in to the BS. Politicizing this life threatening crisis was a strategy better suited for a third world country. We ain't there yet and they'll continue working on it; however, November 3 is to close to be able to groom the masses. Had a great crisis going but overdid it and now let it go to waste.

Anonymous said...

Fake numbers from a fake government and fake news

Anonymous said...

These are the numbers Wolf and Dr dress guy are using to run (ruin) our lives? #10 in public education spending. #27 in SAT math scores. It shows at the highest levels of PA state government. We're a dumb state and elect dummies who don't know how to count. "How many genders are there, Rachel? Twenty-seven? No. Try again, sweetie. You're going to get it eventually. I believe in you."

Anonymous said...

Math is my favorite subject.

Anonymous said...

Driving along Allentown's Lehigh Street one can't help but see business after business closed. Will they ever open again?