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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Allentown Marks Police Week

From Allentown: Allentown's Police Department honored deceased officers today during a 30- minute ceremony outside City Hall as a part of National Police Week. Mayor Ray O’Connell said he is very thankful for their service and they deserve recognition for “outstanding acts of valor, bravery and heroism.” Sixty-nine officers have given their lives in the line of duty so far in 2020, including those who were victims of COVID-19.

Police Chief Glenn Granitz Jr. said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new developments to members of the department. “I want you to imagine the many new rituals that our officers and their families have been accustomed to in order to ensure their health and continued service to our city. There are men and women changing in garages, sleeping in different rooms, and maintaining distance from their loved ones and children over the past month.”

A moment of silence was observed for retired officers who have passed including Retired Chief / Former City Council President David Howells Sr and retired Detective Sergeant Michael Pummer. Additionally, this year the department suffered the loss of active duty K9 Harley.

While all officers could not be individually honored today, Granitz introduced 10-year-old Jocyan Velez and his mother, Tayanna, who personally thanked Officer Chad Mertz for his rescue of the drowning child and for administering CPR seven years ago in the Jordan Creek. Granitz said that according to Jocyan’s building principal, he is one of the most helpful students in the school.

Granitz Jr. said 78 officers were honored with commendations over the past year


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The above posts are by a self-absorbed lunatic with OCD. Bernie is justified in removing his posts. It infuriates him because he wants his diaper changed. He is so brilliant and righteous that he should start his own blog. "LV Whiners."

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The lunatic is Don Moore aka Connolly Victim. He has his own blog. Right Don?

Anonymous said...

This is all O'Connell can do is give out proclamations. He rarely works, has done nothing during the covid crisis and keeps hiring his friends and relatives....including his son And Daryl Hendricks' son. Oh wait, He can raise taxes 27%! He has been the worst Mayor in the history of this city!