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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Will Hanover's Turkey Hill Sell Wild Turkey?

Mark Tanzcos
Will you soon be able to pick up a six-pack at the Hanover Township Turkey Hill? Or stop there for one or two beers? That's a question Hanover Township Supervisors pondered at their April 25 meeting.

Attorney Mark Kozar of the Pittsburgh law firm Flaherty and O'Hara asked Supervisors to approve a license transfer to the Turkey Hill located at 6220 Sterners Way saying it would basically be the same thing as exists at Wegmans and Weiss. "What you see there you will see at a smaller scale at Turkey Hill," he predicted.

But Mark Tanczos, who recused himself from the Board on this decision, was fiercely opposed. His family owns a beer distributor. He said the Township is already over the quota permitted for these licenses. One is permitted for every 3,000 people, and Hanover Township already has eight of them in a Township with only 11,000 people. He produced pictures of other gas stations that make alcoholic slushies, and warned of unsupervised minors hanging around a gas station that sells alcohol.

Supervisors will decide on this request at their May 9 meeting.

Cathy Haire
In other business, Hanover Township resident Cathy Haire asked Supervisors for help in dealing with the noise from low flights by Amazon's Prime Air at Lehigh Valley International Airport. Admitting that she bought a home knowing the airport is there, she said recent changes in flight patterns have made life unbearable. "We're getting bombarded," she claimed.

Haire stated that one recent flight was so low that she actually ducked. "I thought it was going to crash into the house," she said. "You do such a beautiful job of taking care of the Township," but asked them to send the airport a letter.

"I've been fighting this for 30 years," said Steve Salvesen, noting that everyone of them lives in the flight path. He has even gone so far as to photograph low flights that the airport insisted did not exist.

Manager Jay Finnigan told Haire that pilots have discretion to fly low, and that local airports like Lehigh Valley International must be open 24/7. But the Board will send a letter, and Salvesen said he'd try to enlist the support of Congressman Charlie Dentand Senator Pat Toomey.


Anonymous said...

Is it appropriate for a member to recuse from the Board yet still make public objections?

Anonymous said...

I live directly in the flight path to the airport. Planes come in at 1000 feet or less. The noise is not intolerable, but the closer you get to the airport, the lower the planes the louder the noise. People like this woman crack me up by complaining. I could use descriptive adjectives but will not.

Anonymous said...

I would say that Turkey Hill would have a strong case if Hanover votes no to Turkey Hill selling Wild Turkey. If you recuse yourself you should "remain silent." This appears to be a case (no pun intended) of someone trying to stop competition.

Shame on any of the other members who vote no to help a fellow board member. They should be required to pay any legal fees the Township incurs.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:05, I have to check out the Ethics Act. It might be inappropriate. The attorney made no objection.

Anonymous said...

This is typical for this insider heaven of a township. They take care of each other. I agree with 9:00. How do you recuse yourself and then(wink, wink) tell your buddies what a terrible idea this is. It is no surprise from a township that has no elected official turnover and hires one of its own as its manger.
Insider all the way!

Anonymous said...

Obviously 5:14 you're extremely nieve. Finnegan is one of the most respected managers in the Lehigh Valley. Get your head out of your butt and I'll bet you left Hanover and are enjoying a higher tax rate elsewhere. Enjoy.