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Friday, April 21, 2017

NorCo Council Pays Lehigh Township's Central Booking Bill

Lehigh Tp Police Chief Scott
Fogel addresses Council
Yesterday, I gave you the lowdown on a dispute between Lehigh Township and NorCo Executive John Brown over who's responsible for an overdue bill for computer services at the Lehigh Township booking center, which serves five northwestern NorCo communities. It's a $17,680 bill. Lehigh Township thinks the County should pay, while Brown thinks it's on Lehigh Township. At their April 21 meeting, Northampton County Council finally put this matter to rest by taking the money from their own contingency account.

Matt Dietz and John Cusick came up with the idea. Hayden Phillips warned, "This is something to take the wolf off the door. This is a one-time payment"

Council wants a Memorandum of Understanding between all parties involved over who pays for what.

Two weeks ago, over an hour was spent discussing this bill. On April 20, another hour was spent discussing the matter.

An exasperated John Cusick finally said, "This is $17,000 for public safety. We spent $50,000 for a fish tank at the bottom of the hill."

That fish tank at the bottom of the hill is a $130 million aquarium proposed by the DaVinci Center. If we can spend $50,000 on that pipe dream, we can spend money to enable police officers to get back on patrol.

Why Brown took such a stubborn position mystifies me, especially since he agreed to fund Bethlehem's booking center. The northwestern tier of the county is also the most conservative and Republican quadrant of the County, which is presumably where Brown could expect to post an easy victory.

Not anymore.


Anonymous said...

The R's in District four can be expected to push the Republican button without thinking. They are incapable of even considering a Democrat. Even though their parents and grandparents probably voted for some Democrats, the new Republicans are unable to deviate form the one party mindset.

It is sad as they have been used by the local Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Pot, meet kettle (i.e. Bethlehem and Easton). How many Republicans are in elected positions in these two cities? Please share with the rest of the class.

Anonymous said...

I live in Moore. I wasn't upset with having to fight for $17K. Every dime of spending should be examined - unlike the $50K fish tank. I'm also glad the $17K was eventually approved. Brown may not be perfect. But this kerfuffle won't drive me or my neighbors to vote for a slithering reptile like McClure. It will be a lesser of two evils election, similar to the presidential. I think people up here believe McClure is unmatched in the evil department. He's Hillary with thinner ankles.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem spends on what it wants, but Cries for what it needs.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem also supports the entire county on its taxes, start paying your fair share then you can "cry Wolf"

Anonymous said...

So much for the rumor you heard from your sources about two indictments coming down this week, including one for Fed Ed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are off topic, but the rumors persist. Fed Ed's own attorney said an indictment is "imminent." There is little doubt in my mind that it is coming, and soon.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem sucks, a third of the city is in Lehigh County. They have the casino revenue and yet still cry poverty! Can you say "MISMANAGEMENT"!

Anonymous said...

1/3 of the city, so 2/3 is in Norco and all of the high revenue generating properties are also in Norco. What mismanagement are you referring too, you pukes can't even afford a little booking station unless Bethlehem pays for it for you. 5 Municipalities and you can't scrape together a paltry $750.00 each a year to keep the facility running.

Anonymous said...

"But this kerfuffle won't drive me or my neighbors to vote for a slithering reptile like McClure. It will be a lesser of two evils election,"

Of course you will. You will vote for double digit tax increasing Republicans that spend money on Las Vegas vacations and pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars. That is real good government.

When people can't think for themselves they vote as their Fox TV tells them to. How do you say, Baaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Still have ass burn from the beating you were delivered in November, I see. This is a red county. Keep singing the blues. It's music to our ears. Stay home and spend your check on Election Day. It's what you do instead of voting.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:12. Sad but true. They will vote against their own self-interest because they have been so brainwashed by fake news and anger.