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Monday, April 10, 2017

NorCo Easter Egg Hunt a Major Success

Saturday, Northampton County's Deputy Sheriffs held their annual Easter egg hunt at Louise Moore Park. The entire park was crammed with vehicles, and I estimate that about 1,500 to 2,000 people were there.

I wanted to cover this event, and brought my grandson's dog with me. I was dog-sitting while Dat and his mom were off to Baltimore for an AAU tournament.

Unfortunately, pets are forbidden at Louise Moore. It's probably a bad idea to thumb my nose at a county ordinance at an event being hosted  by deputy sheriffs. I was about to turn around and leave when Administrator Cathy Allen spotted me and volunteered to watch the dog (Suki) for me in the parking lot while I worked.

That was very nice of her and I want to express my appreciation. I was able to photograph part of the event, and then reported Allen for having a dog in the park in violation of county ordinance.

You'd be surprised at how many times they had to zap her with a stun gun before she finally went over.

After the hunt was over, deputies served hot dogs. What would have been really nice is popcorn, but I doubt they have access to an $800 popcorn machine.

As is usually the case, the crowd burst into applause when it saw me. Some might say it was the Easter Bunny, but I'm pretty sure it was for me.


Joey Pisscapo said...

Good to see Harvey the Pookah back in action after his tumultuous relationship with the Mediterranean Manslab fell apart.

Anonymous said...

The kids love Harvey. He is a generous rabbit disbursing love and good cheer.

Karenemt said...

Elizabeth was there but I was working. Always a great event!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm sorry I missed her.