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Friday, April 21, 2017

NorCo Council Honors Lyme Disease Warrior Cathy Gumlock

Cathy Gumlock with NorCo Council President John Cusick
At their April 21 meeting, Northampton County Council honored Palmer Township resident Cathy Gumlock, a retired school teacher, for her crusade against Lyme disease. She is a founding member of the Lehigh Valley Lyme Support Group, which meets the first Wednesday of every month at Country Meadows, 4011 Green Pond Rd,Bethlehem Township, Building 1. That group seeks to improve the lives of those who suffer from Lyme disease.

She told Council and a group of about 30 high school students that the best cure is prevention and early. She said those who suffer from the summer flu might actually be experiencing Lyme disease. She explained the disease is carried by tiny deer ticks that usually latch on to people around their ankles, then work their way up the body to find a spot to inhabit.

As she spoke, a lot of people began scratching themselves.

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