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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Allentown Central Catholic Senior Athlete College Picks

Congratulations to Allentown Central Catholic High School's student athlete spring signees!

Jake Patridge - University of the Sciences, baseball
Edward Manzella - Williams College, football and baseball
Ethan Persa - Lock Haven, football
Julia Bradford - DeSales, volleyball
Casey Scheuren - Cabrini, softball
Ethan Beck - Assumption, football
Darnell Ferrell - West Chester, football
Chris Ocasio - Edinboro, football
Christina Marinos - Franklin and Marshall, soccer
Tom Murphy - Muhlenberg, football and lacrosse
Jackson Eighmy - Wesleyan, football
Lera Cordner - Sweet Briar, soccer
Tom Lakata - Moravian, golf

Jake Partridge and Chris Ocasio will be sorely missed by the Viking basketball team. They are both very dedicated at whatever they do, and I know they were an inspiration to their underclassmen on the basketball court.

Next year,I hope to see a few basketball names added.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the post about local academically talented students who are going to college.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Who's to say that these students are not academically gifted just because they are athletes? Most of the kids I know at Beca and Central do quite well academically. I can name some of them, but do not wish to embarrass their parents. Your anonymouse comment smacks of jealousy and negativity.

Anonymous said...

Not jealousy, not negativity. I was the recipient of a sports scholarship myself - without it I never would have attended college.

My point is that denying these kids the recognition they have earned (often at far greater cost than that of their athletic efforts) denigrates their accomplishments in the eyes of many folks.

Anonymous said...

Points well made. Even decades ago when I was an athlete, schools showed preferential treatment to we jocks. If you were or are a star, you are in like Flint. Especially now a days and especially Catholic schools.

So it does tarnish the scholar athlete moniker because unless you are a fanatic or blind, you know that athletes are treated differently in high school and then college.

The shame is it takes away for the truly studious athletes.

Agent 99 said...

Any time you congratulate someone for an accomplishment you are leaving out people who accomplished something else . . . this is Bernie's blog, and it reflects the things that he has either a special interest in, or that he has extra knowledge of that would interest others. If you want him to write about students with academic accomplishments, do the research and email him privately, don't belittle the sports accomplishments he is writing about here.

Anonymous said...

Agent 99 is angry, oh my!

Agent 99 said...

No, just tired of people being indignant over stupid things