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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Charlie Thiehl to Host News Conference Today

Allentown Mayoral candidate Charlie Thiel will host a news conference today, at 1:30 pm at his campaign office, located at 612 Hamilton Street, 2d floor. The subject will be economic development. We will also be streaming it live on Facebook if you can’t make it but want to tune in.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bernie, were fed ed and lite be drugged away in straight jackets with family, all there onterauge and supporters? That would make for a good commercial advertisement to sell the city and triboro.

Anonymous said...

Fed Ed was going to be there to talk about how he and Charlie could form another PAC to take over Allentown.
J.B is the king of Development, not Charlie,
Nothing new here, all the candidates are saying the same thing.
Revitalize all parts of the city, not just downtown.
Oh, by the way, Charlie has come up with nothing NEW and creative.
His research people and staff are failing him.
However, anyone but ED.
Let's go FBI finish your job.
Allentown awaits >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Your decision.................