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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Slate Belt Magisterial Judge Candidate Tony Lupo at Sludge Summit

Slate Belt Magisterial District Judge candidate Tony Lupo was at last night's Shit Summit with Synagro at the Plainfield Tp Volunteer Fire Co.

He told he has 100 yard signs and that's all he intends to get. He reported no one is messing with his signs. That's probably because no one can find them.

I believe Heather Fehnel was also at the Shit Summit, but missed her.

The other candidates include incumbent Magisterial District Judge Alicia Zito, Colonial Regional police officer Cody Hendershot, Monroe County Assistant Public Defender Jason Labar, construction manager Tony Labar, Constable Ty Comunale and Easton police officer Dominic Marraccini. All but Marraccini have cross-filed. Marraccini is running on the GOP ballot only.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Mr. Lupo slid into the meeting after a day of checking Zito's signage for who paid for them.... OK.. so there were 2 turds represented at the meeting