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Monday, September 30, 2013

Will NorCo Council Candidates Debate?

The Express Times and Northampton Community College have teamed up to host a County Executive debate, though I don't know when it will happen. But what Northampton County Council? College officials are working on a possible debate, but there are ten candidates. No more than three or four questions could be asked, assuming all ten could appear.

I do think it is important. It's not that five candidates will suddenly rise to the top. But a bad candidate will certainly be obvious.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ms. Hunter can explain al her votes to raise school taxes on the Nazareth School Board.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She did on a comment posted here yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be don't want a debate. You attack Mr.. O'Donnell but he has information on the Gracedale management scandal.

He is a certified fraud investigator and has studied the issue very closely.

No one is more knowledgeable on the subject.

Even though you continue to attack him to protect Stoffa.

I would love for him to0 have the opportunity to share his information publically.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Me, too.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare supports older guys yet he won't support O'Donnell.

Bernie O'Hare said...

My disdain for O'Donnell has nothing to do with his age and everything to do with an uninformed, conspiratorial style that reminds me more of a Joe McCarthy than a Eugene McCarthy.

Struggling To Pay All Deb's Tax Increases said...

Deb's a true tax increase addict. Taxes are going one way under that heartless showboat. Up. She's all about taxes taxes taxes and more taxes. Did I mention she's a taxaholic? Yes. She really loves raising taxes at every single opportunity. She's never not voted for a tax increase. Never. What a heartless liar. No conscience with these types.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacrappa has endorsed all the Republicans but Peg and has also endorsed O'Donnell.

She claims Hunter and Borzo are her back-ups. I guess I know who I won't vote for.