Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hanover Tp Supervisor Remembers Long Meetings, Low Pay

Steve Salvesen
Hanover Township's Board of Supervisors breezed through a light agenda during their September 24 meeting, which ended after 13 minutes. The record is 11. But they used to be much longer. Steve Salvesen, a thirty-year veteran of the Board, reminisced about meetings that went past midnight.

Much of this was due to new developments like Pointe North or controversial issues like a gigantic oak tree on what is now Crawford Drive. As a result of a "Save the Tree" movement, the township had to design the road so that it wound around the massive trunk. They also built a retaining wall around it to keep it in place. The next year, the tree was stuck by lightning and promptly died.

In addition to lengthy meetings, the pay was low. $5 a meeting. In his first year as Supervisor, Salvesen voted for a pay hike, but his monthly check went even lower. That's because Township Solicitor Jim Broughal ruled that Supervisors could not give themselves a pay raise. These days, the pay is much higher. $2,500 a year, before taxes.

Salvesen states the most controversial issue Supervisors faced during his time on the Board was the decision to go with a single trash hauler. His car was keyed and someone also spray-painted, "You're a Nazi," on the side panel.

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