Thursday, September 12, 2013

Live From NCP ... Jim Gregory

Someone has hacked into Jim Gregory's Facebook account. He's in jail, but I'm told he listed his password so that any of his Facebook friends could use it. Last night, several notes were published under his name. One of them, word for word, is identical to a disgusting blog just published by Tricia Mezzacappa, in which she continues her attack of Gregory's ex and even the ex's mother. So that probably comes from Mezzacappa.

Judge Zito concluded when he sentenced Gregory that he is manipulative, and he just proved it  A second troubling note, ostensibly from Gregory, likely comes from Mezzacappa. She has a strange fascination with the word "slut", which appears in this note. Another of her trademark phrases is "SSD abusing".  This note attacks his ex-girlfriend, her mother, Judge Zito, and of course, me.  It is ostensibly an appeal for public support. In reality, it's just another hit job from Gregory's Moll..

Here's his/her message:

Jim Gregory
Dear Friends,
I am writing to ask the public to help me. I was tossed into state prison for violating a bogus PFA. The PFA itself was bogus and the contempt charges are all lies , made up by a vengeful jealous and nasty person whose name I am not going to mention. Everyone knows what a sickening rotten liar she is, and the judicial system failed on every corner. A lousy judge who does not deserve a robe handed me 15 months in prison for indirect contempt of a PFA that was orchestrated entirely by Bernie Ohare. The "victim" is me, and no one else. I show no remorse because I am not guilty. My biggest mistake was allowing a slut into my life, who used me , my money and my kindness. When the cash ran out, she made up lie after lie, and was assisted in her endeavors by Bernie Ohare. If people do not speak up, this perverted breech of justice will continue, and people like Ohare will continue. You must put a stop to all of it, because I cant do it alone. I am innocent and will not be silenced by anyone. You can jail me, but the truth will not be silenced. Not here or anywhere. The only precious thing left in society is the truth, and I will speak it, no matter what. I have been deprived of my freedom, but not my voice. My rights are now infringed, but for the only right I have left, and that is to speak the truth. My career and reputation have been ruined by a faction of political malevolent thugs , and most of all, a very sick and disturbed woman, who refuses to move on with her life. My house was searched, my media was confiscated through illegal search warrants, and the contempt charges were all orchestrated to make me appear guilty. Absolutley no evidence was provided in any of the hearings except the words of a disbarred lawyer and a jealous ex-girlfirend who is green with envy because I moved on with my life and found someone who runs circles around her...someone who respects herself, and refuses to stoop to the level of a desperate slut with an SSD abusing scumbag mother who owes me $1000 .00 for work she never performed. I will post more comments as I see fit. These are my words and this is the truth.

When Mezzacappa is approached about this, as I suspect she will be, she will no doubt claim that I must be the author.


Anonymous said...

Yet at the end of the4 day, Gregory has given up his password. he knows what will happen. What the Hell is wrong with this guy.

I always thought he was a bit crazy, now I think he is much more than a bit crazy and he is just as dangerous.

How the Hell does a basic breakup and a PFA, possibly warranted possibly not, escalate until this nut is sitting in a state penitentiary?

This has to be one of the most bizarre tales I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that Jim Gregory has made some mistakes. I also think we can agree he is paying a heavy price for standing up for his rights and is paying a heavy price for questioning the wisdom of the courts.

It is sad that so called "caring" people have no human compassion for Mr. Gregory. He is obviously sorry this incident got out of hand but he never really got his side of the story out.

So let us all try to be fair and less judgmental of this man. In many ways he is also a victim.

Anonymous said...

Let's all agree on one thing. It is Gregory's word against his ex. The judge had to make a decision. His decision was to grant the PFA based on testimony heard. Once granted, all Gregory had to do was follow the court order which mandated "ordered" he not have any contact with his ex. The Judge would have let this court order in place for several months and then after a reasonable time he would have vacated the order. If he erred, he erred on the side of caution. Still, even if he erred, no one was damaged by the courts decision. Gregory, in his mensa mentality and Mezzacappa the nut job, couldn't let it alone. They harrassed his ex and Gregory came back before the Judge. They even poked fun at the Judge and made vicious remarks about him. Gregory went to jail to give him some time to think about what he was doing. He sent messages to his ex via prisoners who were discharged from prison. He went on the radio and harassed his ex. He harrassed his mother and sister after he was told not to have contact. He literally thumbed his nose at the whole court system and thought he was above the law. He continued to make disparaging remarks about Judge Zito and Judge Roscioli. He picked a fight with anyone who disagreed with him. He may not have abused his ex, however that became secondary to his violation of the PFA. O'hare's testimony in the court hearing was nothing more than transcribed commentary that Gregory made on the radio and it was sworn testimony that Gregory nor his lawyer denied in the courtroom. His lawyer said "she would have not known any of this had Bernie O'hare not brought it to her attention". He didn't deny saying it. The Judge had heard enough. Gregory used prisoners to contact his ex, he used the radio to harass her and used the telephone to call her and then hang up. He harassed his mother and sister. He may have been innocent of the initial charge of abuse and we will never be 100% certain that he was guilty but that issue became secondary. HE VIOLATED THE CONSTRAINTS PLACED ON HIM BY THE COURT ORDERED PFA and that is what he was sentenced for the first time. He continued to ignore the court ordered PFA and is now doing a lengthy sentence. The Judge made the right decision. Next will be Mezzacappa. Stay tuned for that fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Let's all agree on this: Jim"s anal pore is likely stretched so wide at this point, it probably whistles when he turns toward the wind. It's clear that he likes being jail.

monkey momma said...

Gregory "…never really got his story out"?!?!

That is incredible. How can anyone say Gregory never got his say? The whole reason Gregory is in this mess is because he wouldn't STOP having his say. It turns out, his "say" is nuts and illegal.

I'm sure all of his new pals in the state pen are all victims of an uncompassionate society. It's all somebody else's fault.

Listener said...

All one needs to do is contact Facebook and have them deactivate the account.
That problem solved.

Unknown said...

A letter may be written to The State Parole Board, that will remain in his file jacket, to be used during Parole consideration.

I believe the Victim's input/testimony is sought during the Process.

Parole is not guaranteed, particularly for those whom fail to adjust to Institutional Correction & fail to follow a Judge's Order.

State Parole is not Granted without Acceptance-of-Responsibility.

Is Jim considered a recividist?

Anonymous said...

5:14 - There is no "other side" of the story. He violated a PFA court order repeatedly and seemingly without fear of justice. He flouted the law right in the judge's face - you don't think this would end with the judge throwing the book at him? Normal people don't willingly violate a court order and then talk shit about it. The guy needs help. Unfortunately, the help he is going to get it living a violent hellhole for the next year.

Anonymous said...


On the top of Tricia Mezzacappa's blog she recently posted a photoshopped picture of Sheriff Randall Miller flying backwards from an apparent punch landed by Mezzacappa. Underneath the picture it says: "Damn, round 2." I'm assuming this has something to do with her appeal to get her revoked firearms license returned to her. You indicated that her appeal may have been heard recently in Argument Court. Do you have any information?

Posting an image on her blog that is so disrespectful of the Sheriff seems extremely dumb for someone who is asking the court to overturn Miller's decision and give her back the right to carry a concealed firearm. Reminds me of the photoshopped pictures of Judge Zito she posted before Jim Gregory was sent to Graterford Prison.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook post calls Jim Gregory's abuse victim "a jealous ex-girlfriend who is green with envy because I moved on with my life and found someone who runs circles around her...someone who respects herself..."

Those are Tricia Mezzacappa's words plain and simple. She is deluding herself into believing that Jim Gregory moved on with her. Jim never wanted Tricia. He used her. If he wanted Tricia, he wouldn't be in prison. Clearly, he wanted his ex back. Tricia is the one who is green with envy, and is making a fool out of herself. I hope the ex and her mother take legal action to put a stop to Tricia's hateful attacks.

Anonymous said...

In reference to 5:14 a.m. I really don't see how he is also a victim. I believe that he deliberately started associating with the person who owns WEF because he knew how both of them could abuse, harass, and intimidate his ex. in a public forum. As a former friend of J.G. I spoke up and was also defriended by him. What he did to all his victims was absolutely horrible and he appears to be continuing with the behavior. I really don't know if he had a mental breakdown; all I know is that it could not continue and the judge did the right thing by sentencing him to prison. He needs to leave his ex, her Mother, his own Sister and his own Mother alone. No one should ever have to go through what they did. He is a criminal and is right where he belongs. No more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Unity PAC is still alive and is paying for Gregory's legal fees and commissary fund, if you want to donate send checks or money orders to 817 Ridge st , Easton PA 18042. No amount is too small, please help to elect good people.

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to pay this guy's legal fees OR vote for anyone who has his endorsement? The guy is a disaster.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" You indicated that her appeal may have been heard recently in Argument Court. Do you have any information? "

It was argued last week. Respect is not Mezzacappa's strong suit.

Anonymous said...

@10:47 AM - Is this for real? The address listed is the residence of Tricia Mezzacappa.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Unity PAC is still alive and is paying for Gregory's legal fees and commissary fund, if you want to donate send checks or money orders to 817 Ridge st , Easton PA 18042. No amount is too small, please help to elect good people."

Now Mezzacappa is using "Unity PAC."

Anonymous said...

Trish Mezzacappa has chosen to form alliances with convicted criminal Jim Gregory, criminal defendant Michael Holmes, suspended police chief Mark Kessler and, of course, her vindictive Blog Mentor.

She lives with a pig. She is three years removed from personal bankruptcy with no real job and no prospects. She said she is taking potent controlled substances (her "drug cocktail")for a mental disorder.

She has been convicted of disorderly conduct and criminal harassment, and she has had her license to carry firearms revoked by the sheriff on account of her bad character and reputation. In addition, she is facing a trial to access her libel damages.

That's quite an impressive resume for potential employers (and voters) to consider.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You forgot her Innocence Project for convicted child rapist Michael Piper.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@10:47, Unity PAC is alive?--but is it legal?? If you are now accepting funds from this bogus PAC, YOU are complicit in this fraud!! Welcome to the big house Tricia!!!
Love Earl

Anonymous said...

Now Mezzacappa is using "Unity PAC."

"Using" is right. I would like to believe that there will be a full accounting of all money received and how it was spent. Since Gregarious is in prison, how is he accessing funds for distribution? Or, has Mezzacappa been made an officer of the Committee and has proper filings been made, if that is the case? I would assume there has to be a bank account associated with this PAC. Is she listed on that account?

This Unity-PAC is sounding more like a personal finance scam than it was originally.

Lou Saynus, MD said...

Unity PAC money will be disbursed to pay medical expenses associated with the repair and reconstruction of Jim's perforated anus. As Jim is a candidate who always talks out of his ass, this is a legitimate expenditure.

Warm regards,

Lou Saynus, MD

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa, i will not allow you to use this blog to solicit funds for a PAC that does not exist. Do it on your own.

Anonymous said...

I will send a small check and when it is cashed, I will turn over a copy of the cashed check to the DA and let him investigate. The evidence shiuld be enough to get those that cashed it put in a cell with JG. Follow tge money right to the cell.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Saynus.....very well played!

Anonymous said...

Ever since Jim spoke at courtesy of the floor and lambasted Marcus, Kelly, and Stoffa O'Hare has gone on a crusade to marginalize and lampoon Gregory. This character assassination for sport is O'Hares passion, a trade he has plied for years at the behest of Angle, Stoffa, and now Callahan.

He tried to smear the Reverend Mario Martinez with claims of fraudulent credentials but nobody would listen because Mario's true character shines bright. Jim got a stiff sentence because baked Ziti is part of the corrupt NorCo machine, and he wanted to look tough. Appeals are being filed, 15 months is unconscionable.

Gabe Asher said...

What's faker, the fake PAC or the fake rev's fake mustache? Speaking of ziti, what's for dinner at NCP tonight? Graterford is serving Mediterranean tossed salad.

Anonymous said...

Bernie anything on IRA Soldier Holmes? Been so quiet on that front, I wonder if he has the cell next to Gregory.

The Banker

Unknown said...

@"Jim got a stiff sentence because baked Ziti is part of the corrupt NorCo machine, and he wanted to look tough. Appeals are being filed, 15 months is unconscionable.
2:29 PM"

Seriously? What ever happened to the "get tough on crime" & 'Throw away the Key" mentality?

Consecutive sentence's, for multiple count's of SAME offence, is warranted. I think Jim will max-out his full 30 months.

Anything can happen on Appeal.

Anonymous said...

Jim has been named the honorary leader of the "Med'"s at Graterford. Made up of petite boned, dark Mediterranean featured men with bleached anus's. They wear beige or brown toned colors and look fabulous. This has caused concern amongst the crips, bloods and Aryan nation.

Stay tuned for details.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think he went to trial. I do know all his pretial motions, and there were about a thousand of them, we're denied.

Anonymous said...

"My suspicion from the get-go was, I'm unrepentant in terms of my political identity," McGowan says of his placement in the CMU. "I think what they're trying to do is say, 'OK, you want to be a little political prisoner type, you want to write and be all active and say stuff, and get a ton of mail and everyone thinks you're peachy keen? You're gonna get crushed.'"

The Bureau of Prisons has strenuously denied that it places inmates in CMUs because they are Muslim or because they have exercised other First Amendment rights. "Inmates are designated to the unit for management of their communications based on the potential security threat they present," Chris Burke, a BOP spokesman, wrote in a statement to The Huffington Post. At least some inmates, he added, may be placed in the units for other communications threats, like trying to harass victims or witnesses of their crimes.

Jim will be next.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa stood by Gregory while others bailed, say what you will about her politics but her loyalty is admirable.

celtic warrior said...

Mp Holmes had the balls to confront the corruption that festers in the courthouse, O'Hara is a Miller/morganelli bootlicker who belongs in am asylum

Anonymous said...

"Mezzacappa stood by Gregory while others bailed, say what you will about her politics but her loyalty is admirable."

If Messofcrappa had been a real friend she would have counseled Gregory to cease the harassment of his ex. What she did was to take the opportunity to sit with him and participate in the abuse of his ex on a poor excuse for a radio show. To further his demise she did, and continues, to harass his ex on her own blog.

Gregory needed somebody sane to stand by him, not a hateful and jealous nutjob who will be in jail soon because of her own transgressions.

Both of them need psychiatric help, or possibly in the case of Mezz, an exorcist with a license to practice psychiatry.

Anonymous said...

For specific inmate inquiries from attorneys, family members, friends and the general public, please call the Inmate Inquiry Unit at: 717.772.4343.

For inquiries from elected officials, the media and other government agencies, please call the Board's Office of Policy, Legislative Affairs and Communications at: 717.787.6208.

Anonymous said...

"Holmes had the balls to confront the corruption that festers in the courthouse..."

I believe Holmes has a court appointed public defender. In other words, the taxpayers are paying for his lawyer. Holmes talks about the justice system being corrupt then relies on the system for his legal defense.

Anonymous said...

Holmes talks about the justice system being corrupt then relies on the system for his legal defense.

Tricia has bigger Ball's than Holmes. She goes to Court, as a Pro Se defendant!

Anonymous said...

"Tricia has bigger Ball's than Holmes. She goes to Court, as a Pro Se defendant!"

It was country lawyer Abe Lincoln who famously said: "A person who represents himself has a fool for a client."

I guess one could opine that she is a fool with big balls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Tricia , we will pray for you...
Now please go back to your pathetic piece of messy crappa blog! no better yet the fiery pit of hell from which you slithered out of ! We command you
Truth is , unlike you, Jim had a few friends once , people in his life who cared about him, and maybe still, through it all ( you are not his friend , never will be , and will never know what it means to have or to be a true friend ) sure he had a reputation as being squirrelly and strange at times, he still was somewhat of a decent person at one time, before losing his mind and crossing over to a dark and scary place where he found you lurking. You , a demented and damned , unclean soul , hideous evil incarnated creature who may very well be the devil itself. You took him further down , You , so desparate and starving for attention , and JG lost in the darkness , together it was PERFECT ! Or so you thought, but You were used ( btw your face looks like it was abused ) as he was used by you .. and now he is in prison and you laugh one minute and lie some more the next, blogging away , wherever you may, every second of the day with an unquechable thirst for attention , that will never go away... You are as sick and obsessed with Jim Gregory as he is with his ex ! Must suck to be you . You will never know the honest truth because the truth is in the light of good and of god , May he have mercy on your soul

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I thought Internet access was forbidden in prison, if Gregory's Facebook is being updated perhaps that is a violation? Either way hopefully the victim knows she can report these outrageous posts to the parole board and show that even a prison sentence cannot seem to stop the madness.

Tricia Mezzzacappa's Missing Sanity

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's true. Mezzacappa's rants on her blog and on Gregory's F/B page can be used against him at any hearing before the Parole Board. I believe she has crossed the line myself.

Anonymous said...

Just read Mezzacrazy's latest entry on WEF. She has really outdone herself. Her entry on the warning signs for sluts is in a word, "amazing".

If this is just her or her passing on Graterford Jim's wishes it is clearly way out there.

I would think this could not only add to the Gregory mess but get her in hot water as well.

Anonymous said...

Free Greggy!!!

Anonymous said...

Will Graterford Jim be out in time for me to write him in for Mayor?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@11:40 AM - TM is suing the county Sheriff, the District Attorney, the Express-Times and the Borough of West Easton. These are all pending cases that are clogging the courts. Her repeated litigation against Bernie O'Hare has been tossed out of court. She is constantly filing appeals with the state Office of Open Records. On Sept. 4 she lost one such appeal she filed against Northampton County. A while back she sought access to Easton Mayor Sal Panto's office computer. She was denied, filed an appeal and lost. She handles most of her legal nonsense herself without a lawyer. Keep in mind she is a nurse and has no clue when it comes to the law. In one of her losing cases, O'Hare asked the court to order her to pay his attorney fees. Judge Beltrami declined on the basis that she is "ignorant" of the law and procedures. The judge was spot on. She is certainly IGNORANT.

Anonymous said...

@9:15 pm
That' is the truth
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Hate begets hate so let's try a different approach here, the only way to conquer evil is with love and prayer right? so heres something TM Has likely never heard in her life..
and I am praying for you to see the light

Anonymous said...

Jim will likely have to enroll in theraputic program's that aren't available to short-timer's. It is an oxy-moron of our State Penal system.

His "Green Sheet", paroling him to his next consecutive sentence will be delayed for his lack of participation in theraputic program's. Again, an oxy-moron of our State Penal system.

Jim will likely violate his Parole, while incarcerated, thus ensuring a longer sentence than his Original 30 month maximum.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Just a few hours ago, his F/B impersonator was chatting with an underage girl. That is not going to help. I am sending these communications to state prison officials.

Anonymous said...

Jim deserve's to serve the full 30 month's, but I don't think he'll make it.

Donald Flad said...

I had to think long and hard before posting this because I know what Bernie thinks of me....

You do so much good with this blog Mr. O'Hare - you bring to light information that no one else does, you inform us about the stuff the MSM will not cover.

Why spend so much of your energy and influence on such an unimportant story?

I once considered Jim a friend but that was a long time ago. His erratic behavior and now total melt down is sad to watch.

And, I get why people hate him.

But, why when there are real dragons to slay you continue tilting at this windmill?

What would happen if you starved the people involved in this story of the oxygen that this blog provides?

The MSM is not going to cover them - maybe they will go away

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Flad,

When I want advice on what I should blog about, I'll let you know. Until that time, I'll post about topics that interest me. Mmmk?

Your question has already been asked and answered. Gregory was, until very recently, a former NC mental health caseworker. He was, until very recently, a VP of the LV Labor Council. He was a partisan Democrat who fancied himself something of a political wiz. He was an announced candidate for Mayor. He was attacking Stoffa, Callahan, Morganelli and others. He has accused me of criminal activity. He is teamed up with a pistol packin' gun nut. He is a former police officer and former President of Bethlehem City Council. Any of these facts would be a reason to write about him. It is not only blogworthy, but is newsworthy. The MSM has published several stories about his antics.

You would rather I not do so bc it is embarrassing to people like you and many others, who considered him a political ally and compatriot.

That's too bad.

Maybe it doesn't bother you that this insider was viciously attacking his ex-GF, both physically and mentally. Maybe we should just ignore his attacks at her mother and on his own sister. We should turn his head the other way when he violates a PFA Order eight separate times. Because he was such a good guy, we should just wait for him to come to his senses and returns to spouting your causes of the week.

He needs to be exposed, and I will continue to expose him until it stops. Just this past evening, whoever is impersonating him had a little chat with an underage girl on Facebook. I thank God that people brought that to my attention instead of sweeping it under the rug. You would rather just let it go.

When he did his radio show, he also spent a bit of time bashing gays and Jews. I guess we should just turn our head the other way.

His sidekick has had me in court six times. I have had to sue her. She has been convicted in criminal court twice, and expressed death fantasies about me.

And I should stick my head in the sand?

Are you out of your mind?

Frankly, you eviscerated Bob Donchez, another candidate for mayor, for far less than what Gregory is doing. I find your argument now completely inconsistent with what you were doing a few short months ago.

But it's nice to know your friends can beat women, violate court orders 8 times, defame multiple people, invade the privacy of a woman suffering from depression, get a house under very mysterious circumstances and take advantage of his own clients by using their casino cards.

After all, he's your friend.

At least you think he is.

When you want to get rid of a cockroach, you turn on the lights. That is what I do.

Unknown said...

2 I said Jim was ONCE my friend? I did not say he is my friend.

I am OK with your taking me apart for the things I write/say but I would appreciate it if you were accurate.

I hope you do not mind if I continue to read you blog because I do appreciate the service you provide.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Donald, On your blog, you stated you were not writing Gregory bc of 30 years of friendship or whatever. And I am being inaccurate?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you forgot his fraudulent PAC

Anonymous said...


As a follow up to your response to Mr. Flad, it should also be noted that Jim Gregory solicited donations for his so-called Unity PAC. Yesterday or the day before someone (using Mezzacappa's home address) was still soliciting donations. How much has been collected and from whom? Was this PAC ever registered? Who is the treasurer? How has the PAC money been spent? These are all valid questions. Maybe Tricia has some answers. After all, she remains a candidate for public office and could benefit from the PAC, if it even exists.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The PAC remains unregistered.even though both Gregory and Mezzacappa have both solicited contributions.

Anonymous said...

Formation § 40:101. Organization and formation
A PAC is defined as any political committee that receives contributions and makes expenditures to, or on behalf of, any candidate other than a candidate's own authorized political committee or other regularly constituted political body. 25 Pa. Stat. § 3241(l). Like other political committees, a PAC must have a treasurer and a chairperson. 25 Pa. Stat. § 3242(a). Unless both these positions are filled, a PAC is prohibited from receiving contributions or making expenditures. 25 Pa. Stat. § 3242(a). Registration § 40:102. Registration—In-state PACs
Any PAC that receives contributions in an aggregate amount of $250 or more is required to file a registration statement. 25 Pa. Stat. § 3244(a). The content of this registration statement shall include the name, address and phone numbers of the political committee, treasurer, chairperson, other connected organizations, banks, safety deposit boxes or other repositories, the period of proposed operation and, if any, candidates and/or ballot questions being supported or opposed. 25 Pa. Stat. § 3244(b).
§ 3243. Authorization of political committee
No treasurer of any political committee shall receive any money on behalf of a candidate until such political committee shall have been so authorized in writing by the candidate on a form designed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. A copy of such written authorization shall be filed with the appropriate supervisor; however the treasurer of any State, county, city, borough, township, ward or other regularly constituted party committee of any political party or political body is hereby authorized to receive money on behalf of the candidates of such political party or political body in a general, municipal or special election, without special written authorization from such candidate.

Anonymous said...

You go BO! Flad is just angry Jimmy gave the high heels to Tricia and not him.

Unknown said...

Tricia may be involved in an illegal financial distribution scheme. The PAC can be reported.

Jim's Victim should file a Cease & Desist order against Tricia & W.E.F.P.

Unknown said...

You, my friend are being inaccurate

the word friend is often used very loosely and you know that Bernie -

You can not play gotcha with me my friend and win - because I don't play Petty games

I thought was giving you a compliment apparently my friend you are in a place and state of mind that you can't accept one and for that my friend I am very sorry

I will leave you alone and never darken your comment section again.

Your friend
Donald Flad

Anonymous said...

You don't play petty games? Aren't you being a little bit petty, my friend?

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is what Donald said on 8/9/13:

"Jim Gregory is apparently still planning to launch a write in campaign. I am not going to comment on Jim's attempt out of respect for almost 30 years of friendship."

Now we know he was just speaking "loosely."

No matter how you cut it, Donald, you're a phony. And no friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams my Mediterranean Prince.

Dr. Friedman said...

No matter how you cut it, Donald, you're a phony. And no friend of mine.

11:04 PM


Do you have any friends or are they all made up?

Schizophrenia (/ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or /ˌskɪtsɵˈfriːniə/) is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by a deficit of typical emotional responses.[1] Common symptoms include auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood, with a global lifetime prevalence of about 0.3–0.7%

The disorder is thought mainly to affect cognition, but it also usually contributes to chronic problems with behavior and emotion. People with schizophrenia are likely to have additional (comorbid) conditions, including major depression and anxiety disorders; the lifetime occurrence of substance use disorder is almost 50%.

Lay off the booze!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa, time for your drug cocktail. Thanks, Donald, for drawing out the loonies.

Unknown said...

Jim will likely seek revenge when he get's out. He is making a list & checking it thrice!

The General Public may not realize the Potential danger of Jim & Harvey UNLEASHED.

Justice said...

Under a FOI request, Jim's sentencing sheet should be available to the Public. Contact the Court Administrator. Tricia is well versed in this subject area.

Anonymous said...

We as Americans should feel a sense of loss today. Today we are no longer the super-power we and every one else thinks we are. Due to Obama's big mouth cutting a check that our ass cannot cash, Russia made us look like the bastard red-haired step child that we are. When will we realize that Obama is putting this country on a one way trip straight down the toilet? Proud to be an American? Or our we just resting on our laurels from decades and decades ago?

Unknown said...

Really! you are blaming ME for bringing out the loonies to this blog?

OK - I have not been close to Jim for many years but I am loyal to the friendship we once had so it does bother me that he is going through this. He deserves everything he is getting but I can not help feel compassion for someone. Is that wrong? I think not.
Do you understand friendship, empathy or compassion?

You have made much more of this than it deserves which was my original point about the value of the service you provide to the Lehigh Valley.

So Bernie, you may continue to hate me but I will continue to encourage people who care about our area to read your blog because you are a valuable resource.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, Donald, in this instance you did attract Mezzacappa, who on WGPA was calling people she does not like "fairies." So now we know that Jim really is your friend, and I am making too much out of the antics of a man who has threatened to have the Bloods get me, has beaten up two woman (including his sister), has defied a court order eight times and has accused several elected officials of being corrupt.

I have compassion for the people he has victimized. Where's yours?

Unknown said...

How did I miss that all of this was about your compassion for people?

Now that I understand I can move on from this topic.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, Donald, it really is. Gregory is an abuser of women. I got to see him in action first hand. I was particularly disturbed that he knocked his sister to the ground. When i saw her face in a courtroom, I could see her humiliation and pain. His ex's mother did nothing to anyone, but all kinds of private information about her were disclosed on the airwaves repeatedly. And the ex was taunted and humiliated all along the way, and was beaten several times before she finally went to police. Yeah, I have compassion for these folks. I ask you again, where is yours?

Anonymous said...

You go Bernie. Old Don is just mad they put the woman beater away. I am sure if the Mediterranean manslab didn't have perfect petite features and a bleached anus, Don would not care.

I guess he is just jealous of Norco Twink.

Keep putting the truth out there Bernie. Gregory's crazy buddies will just have to deal with reality.