Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Not Wind Gap?

When the magisterial realignment was first being considered, why wasn't Wind Gap on the chopping block? That's a question posed by some of my readers. When District Judge Adrianne Masut retired in late 2011, her District could have been abolished. But guess what? Nobody really knew she was stepping down, except a few that she wanted to know. When a District Judge retires, he or she sometimes has someone lined up to take over. Retirement news will be kept under wraps so that the favorite can make inroads and be a few steps ahead of the others.


Anonymous said...

Wind Gap was left alone in anticipation of tremendous growth resulting from construction of the Slate Belt Bypass. It's poised to become the next Chapman. Look out.

Kevin Cerino said...

The retirement of one person should not effect how the districts are drawn. The lines should be drawn with respect to those who use the courts, particularity law enforcement.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree. But had it been known, it could have made it easier to accomplish those things.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I rec'd an email asking me to post this comment:

I just think you should know that 3 people called me more than a year before Adrianne Masut retired

to ask about running for the seat. All the DJ’s knew. Virtually every Cop in her district knew

I know 2 constables knew so why didn’t the court administrator know? Maybe they didn’t want to know.

Grossy said...

Wind Gap was perfect. Masut was only one block away from Dunkin, Donuts. The cops should have been very familiar with that territory.

Anonymous said...

Bernie- As you know there are very little secrets. Rumors and facts fly daily in all aspects of the courts. I can assure you everyone knew, however most don't care or want to do anything. Very sad but the powers that be pick and choose who they want to deal with and who they want to leave alone.

The good ole boys network took a hit last year with Onembo but it's still there. Hopefully a new leader with integrity will come in and make it right.