Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celtic Classic Infects Becahi Liberty Football Rivalry

This unidentified Bethlehem police officer, who insists he really was trying to smile, is technically out of uniform. But nobody challenged him at the Becahi-Liberty game.

Sean Barry, Aileen Meier, Matt McGrath, Danny McGrath, Erin McGrath and Tom Stapleton, of Ling Island's Róisín Dubh (Black Rose) pipe band, enjoy a playground at Sand Island. "We love it here," said Erin. Shane Stapleton, age 12, is out of uniform.

Theo's gyrons, Italian sausage and Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cakes are standard fare at the Celtic Classic


Anonymous said...

Saw Ron Heckman down there politicking like a mad man.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Um, it's a month until the election. Is he supposed to sit at home and eat pop tarts?