Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bethlehem: Firefighters Douse Police 18-6 in 9/11 Softball Game

For 7th year straight, firefighters top police in 9/11 Softball Game
Bethlehem's police and firefighters remember the 9/11 tragedy in the best way possible, with an annual softball game under the lights at Saucon Park Fields. It's a message that life goes on. Before this year's game, they joined in prayer for the nearly three thousand lives lost to terrorists on 9/11/01. After that, it was Play Ball!

This year, for the 7th year in a row, it was the firefighters who walked away with the trophy after an 18-6 drubbing. "That's cuz' we're always working and they have all the time in the world," explained Officer Bill Asdelo. But firefighter and union president Dave Saltzer had another another answer. "They eat too many doughnuts," he said of Bethlehem police. "You have to leave WaWa," he told Asdelo.

Although the game was tied one apiece at the end of the first, firefighters added eight runs more in the second. Police had some brilliant fielding, especially with Officer Kevin Spano in center field. But they lacked the power hitting that came from every firefighter in the lineup. Though nobody sent one over the fence, several came close.

Down in runs, police definitely won in the wisecrack department.

"There's no shame in bunting." the bench shouted as police were down 9-2.

After the third, when firefighters extended their lead by 9 runs, police could be heard saying, "We're luring them in. We got them just where we want them now."

After the 4th, with firefighters leading 13-3, the police bench started groaning.

"I can't believe that out of 150 guys, we have no ball players."

Some of them tried changing shoes, but it was no use.

"Every one of them a college graduate, and not one of them a ball player," the police bench complained as firefighters extended their lead even more.

Finally, in desperation, there were cries of "Let the ball hit you" as the game neared its end.

"I'm not a baseball player, I'm a rugby player," announced one cop as the game ended.

After the game was over, firefighters challenged young Christian Jacob Hackett to take them on. He homered, to his father's delight.

The game was officiated by former Liberty High School softball standout Danielle Jones, who threw at least one firefighter out of the game for arguing a call. "Yes, ma'm," a bulky firefighter said as he towered over her.

Christian Jacob Hackett, son of Officer Ben Hackett, hit a home run for his Dad

Firefighters remained ready to respond to an emergency

In addition to providing colorful excuses, Officer  Bill Asdelo is a Big Brother to Omar Cabassa, age 13

Power hitting by Matt "Bubba" Seyfried

Police infield got a workout


SM said...

Bernie likes watching sweaty men play with balls and phallic objects.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now settle down, Spartacus Maximus.

Anonymous said...

Problem with softball is big fat guys just plant themselves and hit home runs. hardly athletes. could that guy even climb a ladder?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was an enjoyable evening. There was some great fielding, so I think you got that wrong.

Anonymous said...

Who can attack a firefighter or Police officr for playing a softball game? Get real people, go risk your life and quit hiding behind a computer.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There are many nasty people out there when they can be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

If the cops didnt spend so much time at wawa they might be able to win one year......................NOT LMAO