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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day To Remember

9-11-01: Nearly three thousand people died, almost all of them civilians, and many more were injured. We lost our sense of security that day, despite two vast oceans that separate us from our enemies. The nation's two largest skyscrapers collapsed before our eyes. It's had a lasting impact. It's why we take our shoes off at airports. It's why we see metal detectors everywhere.

The photo at right, published in The Guardian, is an accurate depiction of how most of us reacted that day. "We are the ones whose lives went on, touched yet untouched, separated from the heart of the tragedy by the blue water of time, which has got ever wider and more impossible to cross."


Anonymous said...

In Loving Memory of Colleen Supinski, 11 September 2001....Never Forget.


Anonymous said...

One comment?


Anonymous said...

It was a truley sad day for New Yorkers and all Americans. Hope all loved ones lost are remembered and hope all brave responders are glorified today. Let us keep our hope and spirit of America! The land of the free and the home of the brave!

Bill Coker said...

Let's not forget the Oklahoma victims of an American terrorist (McVeigh) and who's families received no compensation from the government. Many of these victims were children in a day car. Both bombings were sad days for America.

Anonymous said...

That day has brought a thought into my life. When those attacks were ongoing, and i and many others at work, what security and protection did we get? I am concerned - to an extent anyway. If two or three single plane attacks can provide so much confusion and disarray, and our leadership basically gets to go underground for hiding and protection, and no military might in the picture during this event, amd we, the american citizens, are left; on our own apparently, waiting to see what happens next and with no direction, information or protection or whatever. IMAGINE IF WE WOULD TRULY GET ATTACKED BY MULTIPLE AND MORE DEADLY WEOPONS BY A RADICAL MILITARY MIGHT??? Yell Help?

Worried by 911 said...

We could and should have had our military show of 'protective action' on our shores and in the air and so on. Makes me wonder; that is all. Gov't folks and big people came under support and cover but what about the rest of us? All i saw was fire and police. Where was the army, marines, the Guard? Am i right or mistaken?