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Friday, September 27, 2013

Donovan Won't Take King Edwin's BM

In a 700-page news release replete with the Royal "We," Allentown Mayoral Council candidate Michael Donovan says thanks, but no thanks, to a BM with incumbent Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Edwin Pawlowski. Donovan claims to have lots of respect for Business Matters, a local TV show hosted by Tony Iannelli. But he insists the debate must be more open to everyone.

I'm sure that can be arranged, Michael. But that's not the real problem. What's really wrong with this idea is that Tony Iannelli is in the tank for King Edwin. There's no frickin' way that Donovan would get a fair shot. TI regularly contributes to Pawlowski's campaign and even washes his car once a week. Tony would ask hard-hitting questions like, "Why can't you run for four or five offices simultaneously?" or "Have you ever considered Hollywood?"

The reality is that Hizzoner doesn't really want to debate Donovan. And why should he? The only people who count in Allentown are investors like J.B. Reilly, and he doesn't even live there.


Anonymous said...

not to be mean, but a tv debate with these two would be painful. Pawlowski is not good on TV and Donovan is a cross between a terrible professor and a creepy old man.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the trainwreak that is Iannelli. Bitch Please!!

dirk duncum said...

I endorse Donovan and wish him well. I will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Donovan made the right choice, the people want open form debate, town hall style, open to everyone to ask any questions they wish, the only problem is pawlowski cant answer anything without being screened first, how the hell can we even think of voteing for this idiot for governor. i'm all for change, and the people have seen enough of fast eddy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Am anonymous comment from a sick man who rolls around on the floor,foaming at the moth, has been deleted.