Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowmageddon Cometh: Prepare For Snow Emergencies

8pm Update from EPAWA:

Storm to end between 2-4 AM, with an additional 4-8".

2/13, 3PM Update: Get Ready For Round 2!!

Graph from EPAWA
In advance of Snowmageddon, projected by Eastern Pa Weather Auhority to dump between 12-18" on this area, you'd have to be insane not to know that there will be a snow emergency in your municipality. These emergencies are listed at WFMZ's Storm Center.

I will update this post with relevant information concerning the storm. Please use the comments here to notify readers of problems encountered during the storm.

Update from EPAWA: "Snow will move in from South to North. It is currently just to our south and will continue to spread over the region shortly after 10PM. Further north it may be until after 11PM. The snow will go through the day Thursday with the *possibility* of a lull for Eastern PA into NJ/DE. I say possible as guidance differs on how much of the dry slot works west. The snow will come back in and heavy after this possible lull in the afternoon hours. End time right now looks like 2-4AM Friday."


Anonymous said...

Will Snowmageddon be the reason for yet another cancelation of the Allentown pa counsil meeting? This being the same smoke and mirrior trix played at the sale of the waterworks?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Please don't eat the yellow snow.

Anonymous said...

The end of the world is near. The time is now to repent from your sins!!!

Anonymous said...

The world might be ending tomorrow. Crayola is closing and they never close. What will the world do without crayons?!

Anonymous said...

Camelback Mountain Ski Area is closed until tomorrow due to snow. I'm struggling with this.