Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simmons Seeks Third Term As State Rep.

State Representative Justin Simmons (R-131) today announced that he will seek a third term to the 131st District of the State House of Representatives.

"During my first two terms, we have made real progress on addressing the priorities of the people of the 131st District but there is still much left to be resolved," said Simmons. "Issues such as pension reform, education funding reform and more must be addressed to protect the future of our state, our community and taxpayers."

Simmons' efoorts led to enactment of  "Caylee's Law,” a child protection bill by the House which would increase the penalties for the crime of concealing the death of a child. He also introduced legislation giving taxpayers the final say in whether to allow debt increases in home-rule charter counties. This bill was signed into law by Governor Corbett. Lehigh County voters overwhelmingly voted for this referendum in last November’s election.

Simmons also noted his on-going effort to reform the public pension system in Pennsylvania to help taxpayers at the state and school district levels. Pennsylvania currently faces a $47 billion shortfall in its pension systems that will only continue to grow if no action is taken. The result will be either rising taxes or significant cuts to services.

“The current public pension system is broken and it threatens the future of our school districts and the taxpayers,” said Simmons. “I support an approach that would protect the benefits of current enrollees, places new hires into a 401(k)-type system that provides them with greater control over their retirement funds, and is fair to taxpayers."

Simmons continues to lead by example on the pension issue, as well as other reform issues, by refusing the taxpayer-funded defined benefit pension, per diems and other perks.

Representative Simmons and his wife, Erica, reside in Upper Saucon Township.

Due to constitutionally mandated redistricting, the 131st District in which Simmons is running for re-election includes all of Lower Milford, Upper Milford and Upper Saucon Townships, and the Boroughs of Coopersburg, Emmaus and part of Salisbury Township, in Lehigh County; Upper Hanover Township and the Boroughs of East Greenville, Pennsburg and Red Hill in Montgomery County; and, parts of Lower Saucon Township in Northampton County.

He's invulnerable.

So Does Schlossberg

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the +100 who showed up tonight at the campaign kick-off. You braved the cold, snow and ice to attend and I truly appreciate it. Special thanks to the always wonderful Jennifer Mann for her kind words and the beautiful introduction of the best woman in the world, Brenna Schlossberg. Moment of the day: when Auron grabbed the microphone and interupted Mommy's speech. It was awesome.

I wake up every day honored by the faith that the people of the 132nd have placed in me, and I wake up every day, excited to see what challenges the sunrise will bring. I'm looking forward to earning a 2nd term.

When I rread Schlossberg fawn over sell-out Jenn Mann, I hope someone takes him on.


Anonymous said...

Gag me with a spoon. These pol types and their fake humility.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, Schlossberg laid it on thick.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Pete Schweyer running against Simmons?

Anonymous said...

More proof that no matter the age of the politician, nothing ever get accomplished.

Oh, and now well see Schlossberg spew all that he thinks he's done to justify his vote but he's just like all the rest, do nothings!

It's come time to half the house and get better qualified individuals to make some real progress / reform...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Scheyer s running in the newly created Hispanic district against Tatiana Tooley.

Anonymous said...

There was a day that the 131st district included South East and North East Allentown. The Raven in 2014 says no more. The last remaining piece of 131 in North East Allentown goes to 132. And in 2014 the piece of 135 which was in North East Allentown is no more too as well as 133. Now since 2002 only two precincts out of six in total were in North East Allentown . In 2014 these precincts will be divided up with 14-2 being part of the new 22 and 15-1 being part of 132.

I recall how much time I had to spend when I sought signatures to run for the 133 in 2006. In 2006 I was not encumbered by snow cover which would make finding a parking space difficult.

Today's snow cover requires those who go door to door to have two people working together at all times. One to drive the car and another to get the signatures.

Mike who as a 1st time candidate for State representative in 2012 had no opposition. A very lucky man. If he has no Democratic or Republican or Independent candidates running against him he is a luckier man...

Anonymous said...

Simmons pledged to limit himself to 3 terms when he first ran. Is this his last term in office? Will he keep his word?

Anonymous said...

When Simmons ran the first time he said three terms only (self-imposed term limit). Let's see if he holds true to it in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

"When Simmons ran the first time he said three terms only (self-imposed term limit). Let's see if he holds true to it in 2 years. "

You are so right. If he's a man of his word this is it. Want to take a bet he'll find a convenient way to explain why he'll run for a 4th? He's never held another job. This is a lifetime job to him.

Anonymous said...

Wes Barrett could give Simmons a run for his money

Anonymous said...

Simmons won with Allentown in his district and Obama on top of the ballot in a presidential year. Now, Allentown is not in his district, the registration in his district is majority republican, and it's not a presidential year. Good luck Wes. You couldn't even beat Schware.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Woodman wants Simmons out because he doesn't control him.