Thursday, February 13, 2014

Slatington Swingers?

My guess is you won't see this at a Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

There's one taking place in nearby Bath (where residents drink Bath water). That's a borough that could use a cold shower.

This past Christmas, Spencer gifts in the Palmer Morgue was stocked to the rafters with dildos (or as Dan Quayle would write, dildoes).

In this age of sex, more and more people are choosing to go it alone. I think that's how Palmer got its name.

Anonymous said...

Correct. At the Catholic Church you be submerged in the river named DENIAL.

Unknown said...

I love the Bath and Palmer comments!

Alcohol, sex and gambling. Big businesses. If I can't win cash, I guess sex toys will do. People are having fun!

Anonymous said...

And Bangor wasn't even mentioned... LOL!

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Alfonso Todd said..."...And Bangor wasn't even mentioned... LOL!"

That's cause she wasn't home!...LOL2

Untouched Takeaway said...

Or as they say here in these parts -

"Why Bangor when you can Mt Bethel"?

Anonymous said...

Bangor? I hardly know her.

Girl sees the f-word tattooed on new her boyfriend's thingy and begins to berate him in disgust of his crassness - until he pleads with her to, "rub it and it will read firetruck!" She has no need of the Slatington or Bath fundraisers.