Friday, February 14, 2014

Does This Top '83 Record?

This snowstorm may top the record that blogger Michael Molovinsky discussed yesterday. According to a Post by the Eastern PA Weather Authority, which accurately predicted this Monster Storm, "Allentown, PA all time record for daily snow depth (total snow on ground, not fallen currently) is 28" set on February 12th, 1983. Current snow depth is 24.2" and that record may be tied or fall before this ends."

In Allentown, the water lease may have dealt a blow to snow removal. Before the lease, there was a crew of seasoned plow truck operators who could respond to a snow storm. But once the water lease was executed, many of them now reportedly now work at the water authority and took their trucks with them.

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Anonymous said...

no comments? Perhaps everyone in Allentown is too exhausted to type.The roads here are a nightmare. Almost every street in the downtown has been posted posted "No Parking" for so long residents are ignoring the warning. Most streets are reduced to a single lane with cars parked in snow bunkers carved out by the locals. Others are buried and have not been moved in weeks. Yet none of our local media outlets are ready to report what an abysmal job the city administration has done.
Can't wait for the arena traffic to add to the joy.

Scott Armstrong