Tuesday, February 18, 2014

McClure Makes Rare Committee Appearance

Council member Lamont McClure, known for his abysmal attendance record at Northampton County Council Committee meetings, actually appeared for yesterday's open space discussion.

McClure has lost his seat as Chair of the Courts and Corrections Committee. That committee has failed to meet over the past four years despite numerous issues concerning the Home Rule Charter, Administrative Code and never-ending issues at the jail. 

Council President Peg Ferraro has replaced McClure with Mat Benol. 

All Council members are encouraged to attend committee hearings. Yesterday's Open Space Committee hearing included  Ferraro, McClure, Scott Parsons, Glenn Geissinger and Bob Werner.


Anonymous said...

McClure as well as the other Dem's are in trouble in next years elections. Kraft is safe if no other Dem runs against him in district one but the others will probably be toasted by Republican challengers in 2015.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm inclined to agree that McClure, in a heavily R district, is in trouble. I don't know if Werner is running again, but I think he has a good shot if Easton comes out to vote. Don't know about Parsons. He won in a R district. Now he is an incumbent. Kraft is the safest.

As a caveat, my election forecasts are about 45% accurate.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you overall. After the elections last year seems the R's are motivated big time and voting. Also Dem's are definitely spit ticket voting, something Republicans will not do. Even though they claim to.

I believe Werner will run as rumors are out there that he wants to be county executive one day, same as Parsons if he loses sate senate bid.

If course who isn't running for Executive. These guys better focus on their races next year. I think all three are vulnerable McClure the most, then parsons and finally Werner. Of course that also depends on who, if any republicans run. A republican would be crazy not to as they have one Hell of a shot in all three Districts.

Even Kraft had a close general election in heavily Democratic District one.

In fact, if the Republicans run a serious candidate with a real campaign for Controller, I think that is theirs as well.

You may be seeing a lot of McClure for now, he knows he is in trouble.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think McClure will change.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Lamont McClure!

Anonymous said...

Dem - Ken Kraft 3,784 53%

Rep - Seth Vaughn 3,407 47%

Kraft won by 6% of the vote. it was an open seat and none of the candidates had name recognition and never ran before for County Council in the District. Now Kraft is an incumbent and will be impossible to unseat unless he does something really stupid and memorable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree. Seth Vaughn was also a good fit for Bethlehem. He's a kinder, gentler R whom I would have supported for Council this last cycle but for his lousy attendance record at LVPC.

Anonymous said...

If Panto runs for re-election he will get the Dems out in Easton like he did last time and he will bring Werner along with him again.

McClure can't resurrect his legacy of non-attendance in the next year and a half.

It will be interesting to see if the Dems can sway the R's to vote against JB's ridiculous consulting contract. Their ability on this and other future issues will be a good indication. Of they just come off as pit bulls without clearly delineating their positions they will look partisan and lose.

Anonymous said...

Werner won by 137 votes
McClure won by 109 votes

Both by less than 1%. how is a 6% victory close on an off year election when you are lucky if even 6,000 people get off the sofa and go out and vote?

An 18% turnout is what we get in NORCO

Anonymous said...

Panto ran a super campaign and that unseated Dowd. Without that Werner loses.