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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Norco Exec Candidate Webpages

All three Democrats now have have webpages:

John Callahan

Lamont McClure

Glenn Reibman

Republican John Brown has no webpage at this point.

Updated 4:00 PM: Who registered these domains?

Callahan - His webpage was registered on 2/20/13 by EggZack, a software company located at Ben Franklin's Technology Partners, which can take a web entry and load it twenty different social media sites.

McClure - He did it himself, on 2/16/13.

Reibman - His was registered 12/28/12, although the registrant is private.


Clinton Oxford said...

Sent to Ms. Martocci, Mayor Brown's secretary & 69 news

Filed with the Federal Enviromental Protection Company this morning.....
Pennsylvania American Water company (Hershey Pa) owns a PUBLIC Water System in North Bangor P.A. with housing that releases untreated (RAW) sewerage via Septic Mounds into the Public Drinking Water Supply of Roseto, Bangor Pen Argyl & surrounding communities endangering resident's of these communities. They are falling ill, necessatating Medical Attention in violation of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Pesticides/Hebicides are sprayed during Landscape Maintenence Activities. Chemical Brine is sprayed on the Private road for the "Community" during Snow Plowing Activities rendering Potable water unfit for Human Consumption.

Stev Miller said...

If I were to vote purely by looking at each website, Callahan wins followed by NoBody home and last and least, McFly...

Anonymous said...

The Callahan site seems appropriate gioeven his arogance

Bernie O'Hare said...

Given your spelling, I'm surprised you can read it.

Anonymous said...

Forgot you are part of the Callahan klan now.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mayor Brown can ask the borough council for the money to get his own webpage. They had no reservations spending taxpayers money to send him to school thinking that was a good investment. He already has one vote right Dave, you can exchange your thoughts via email that way nobody knows.