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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cartwright: Support Our Military Families

From Congressman Cartwright's Offices: Yesterday, LV Congressman Matt Cartwright introduced the bipartisan Military Family Leave Act with 25 original co-sponsors. The bill would allow parents, children and spouses of military service members to spend time with a loved one who has received notification of impending active duty deployment. The legislation would give certain immediate family members two weeks unpaid leave from work.

Cartwright said, “This bill simply creates two work-weeks of unpaid family leave for immediate family members of active duty service members who are exempted from getting such leave under existing law. Given the sacrifices all our troops and their families make in the name of national security, the legislation is the least we can do to ensure that the needs of all military families are met, regardless of their employment situation.” Cartwright added, “My bill also respects the challenges faced by small businesses.”

Under provisions added to Family and Medical Leave Act by the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, parents, children, and spouses of military personnel are allowed 12 weeks of leave if a family member is notified of impending active duty. However, as is the case with all Family and Medical Leave Act scenarios, the law excludes Americans who work part-time or who are employed by companies with fewer than 50 employees. This Military Family Leave Act would create two work-weeks of the same unpaid military family leave for employees of all stripes.

“The parents, children, and spouses of military personnel are deeply affected by the deployment of a family member. After getting news of impending active duty, time with a loved one is short and precious,” Cartwright said. “This legislation closes gaps in current law to provide family support to all service members called to active duty. And we know that this support is invaluable to soldiers,” said Cartwright.

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) President, Retired Naval Vice Admiral Norbert Ryan Jr. commented, “The MOAA applauds Rep. Cartwright for championing this important benefit for the families of our active duty service personnel and pledges our strong support to secure enactment of the Military Family Leave Act.”

Congressman Cartwright was sworn in as a Member of the House of Representatives on January 3.


Peter J.Cochran said...

Worse yet are 'multiple deployments' that have proved disastrous to the family structure . This group returns with emotional problems systematic of being just plain unsocial, causes all kind of problems civilians have no idea about.At least until recently the highest deployed NCO in the U.S.Army was from Easton by the way.The old days they would tell us "If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, we would have issued you one!'

Anonymous said...

It's not his money to give. We have a wonderful, all volunteer military comprised of people who knew what they signed up for. There's no more money, Matt. Debt and deficits are skyrocketing. t's been on all the news. Matt's buying votes and sticking our grandchildren with the bill. What piece of shit grandparent would even think of doing that? Populist, vote-grabbing, expensive impulses are a bad idea.

WestEastonPA.com said...

It's not his money to give. We have a wonderful, all volunteer military comprised of people who knew what they signed up for.

1. It's "unpaid" 2 weeks of leave. Did you miss "Reading & Comprehension 101"? Other than an inconvenience to employers, there is no cost.

2. None of our idealistic cannon fodder going into combat for the first time "knew what they signed up for." No recruiter is convincing these young volunteers to sign up by telling them they are headed for a place where we are hated, feared, and considered an occupying force by those we are supposedly protecting. A land where the only diversion to the constant threat of being killed or crippled by an IED or sniper is within the camp perimeter. Not to worry, though. Our doctors are freely giving drugs to counteract the PTSD of the situation you'll find yourself in during multiple deployments.

In all, 349 service members in all branches of the US Military committed suicide in 2012, up 15 percent from 301 suicides in the military in 2011, AP reported, citing a Pentagon source. The number of US Military suicides in 2012 exceeded the total combat fatalities in Afghanistan in 2012, which the AP calculated at 295 deaths.

But, you think providing certain family members with 2 weeks of unpaid leave to be with someone who may not return as they knew them is too costly.

The troops appreciate your support.

Peter J.Cochran said...

West Easton PA.- You beat me to the draw. Thank You for a better distortion than I can make. Civilians,the 99 percent not holding ID cards can't grasp this problem at all ,even after some read it in their New York Times.Less than 1% of this country takes this risk for the others.Less that 1% has been ,is doing or does it part time as reserve /National Guard.