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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can't You Just Put Those Fleabags to Sleep?

Every year, Northampton County employees, both current and retired, volunteer their time and energy to raise hundreds of dollars for what is now called the Center for Animal Welfare.

And I torment them.

"Can't you just put those damn fleabags to sleep?" I ask, as I walk by their bake and book sales and raffles, muttering that they waste valuable courthouse resources. The truth is that these courthouse workers actually sacrifice vacation days to sell all sorts of goodies to other row office workers, weird title searchers, nasty judges, crooked lawyers, deputy sheriffs, civil litigants and criminal defendants. The only ones they really have to watch out for are those damn lawyers.

And me.

Retirees, who should be spending their pensions at the Cayman Islands or at least the Sands, do a great deal of this work as well.

What they do is very commendable, but I have an image to maintain as a miserable bastard.

Every penny they raise goes right to the Center.


Uncle Remus said...

a waste of time and resources but it's better then giving to the poor

PippySqueek said...

Admit it, you bought something or donated something. I picture you walking passed the table like the Grinch and your heart grew two sizes as you gandered upon their efforts!