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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NorCo GOP Fires Monahan as Solicitor

Over the years, I've lambasted Dem party bosses in Northampton County, where some little clique always seems to be setting the rules for everyone else, and then changing them. Now it seems that the Northampton County GOP is following suit. This has been building up for some time, but let me fill you in on what I've learned in recent days.

Easton Attorney Brian Monahan has served as Solicitor to the Northampton County Republican Committee since 1988. He's worked with Chairpersons Jim Oaks, Mike Haas, Mark Hoffman, Charlie Roberts, Peg Ferraro, and Roy Shuman. He never charged for his services. He made state law in several ballot challenges. He has also been an elected Republican State Committee Member from Northampton County from 2004-2006 and 2010-present. On Friday, in a curt letter from party boss Bob Kerr, he was told his services are no longer required.

This is the latest gambit in what certainly appear to be some sort of personal quest to recreate the party in his own image.

Since taking over, he started off by alienating a core group of party workers who could also be counted on to help drive up GOP turnout. The worker bees. People like Dottie Niklos and Mary Baurket.

Then he began removing people from the Executive Committee unilaterally, in apparent violation of Committee by-laws.

He failed to disclose that he is a political consultant, which creates an inherent conflict of interest in many cases.

He invited County Council candidate Tricia Mezzacappa, who threatened to kill an elected official and has been identified in an Easton police report as a racist, to lead them all in prayer.

Now he dumps Monahan, who happens to practice law in the same building as judicial candidate Jennifer Sletvold and obviously supports her. That must bother Kerr, who is backing Tom Carroll for judge. It certainly bothers party treasurer Tony Simao, who apparently is Carroll's significant other.

Things have become so bad that monthly meetings have deteriorated into shouting matches and invitations to fist fights.

Under these circumstances, Northampton County Republicans are poised for total annihilation at the polls this November, at least in the County races.

I discovered what happened to Monahan from one of his clients. He declined comment.


Anonymous said...

The republicans don't know what to do. For years the country club Republicans called the shots and the minons did the grunt work. Now the minions want a place at the table and that is not how the Republcan bluebloods roll.

The teabaggers are making the noise in the primaries. The Republcans are trying to be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

They are coming off as uber idiological baggers and that is not conducive to functional local government.

Anonymous said...

The R's are in dissarray Nationally so what is the difference if they are in a state of dissarray locally. Will Peg Ferraro condone her party's leadership or will she show some leadership on her own? They are not in touch with mainstream Amercica. Why do you think they would be in touch with the people of Northampton county.

Anonymous said...

Brian was always a good guy

Anonymous said...

How can one be fired if he is not being paid? Anyway, the Norco Republican Party is in shambles. Norco is and has been Dem for decades. People like Kerr and Mezzacappa will only make the party more irrelevant.


Norco Republican in a sea of Dems.

Anonymous said...

I heard rumors during the 2011 city council race that Simao and Carroll were a couple in the bibilical sense. Are you confirming that?

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that guys like Garvin, Long, Severson, Ker, and Simano think they are so special. What have they done prior to these positions? Now they want to be king makers? It is only NorCo. This isn't big city politics. If it was their shit would be checked at the door and laughed at. Small minds for small town politics. I truly believe that these are the kind of people that start to get the ball rolling for all the problems that we as a society have in government and society. It starts with their mindsets, sense of entitlement, and over selfishness. With all of the self-centerness they are truly the disease against good government.

Anonymous said...

The Norco Republican Party has been a mess for years. Peg, Mary and Dottie operated in the dark ages.

Kerr and Simoa have modernized the party but are dysfunctional.

Since when did the "R" party condone same sex relationships?

Peter J.Cochran said...

ALIENATE and SEPARATE is this the new model? Brian has been on the R's as long as anyone -this is a mistake in leadership. Hemstreet would have had a good time with this one ,just like he did with the " Coach" from The Orange men college his last shot in the box,a Republican school teacher?Lesson learned, asses burned.Got to go to work now, I'm with you Brian.

Anonymous said...

Word on the Street is Mezzakkkappa wants the Council Prez dead bc the Council Prez won't show Mezzakkkappa any love.

She found out the Council Prez prefers men and went over the edge!!

Hence the childlike "Kelly is a Michael Jackson freakface" And the various other "Ass" comments, weight comments, ect. that have been coming out of her mouth for a couple years now!

Anonymous said...

Someone should inform the Ds on school boards that when they hire Kerr's company to take yearbook photos it puts $ right in the pocket of the man sworn to beat them in November.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Since when did the "R" party condone same sex relationships?"

Where have you been? Nobody cares about that kind of stuff anymore.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"How can one be fired if he is not being paid? Anyway, the Norco Republican Party is in shambles"

That was one of my questions.

There was no reason for that insulting letter from Kerr, telling someone who is never aid, that his services are no loner required.

Anonymous said...

BO is Council Prez Kel aware of TM's love attachment to her?

It all makes sense now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

'I heard rumors during the 2011 city council race that Simao and Carroll were a couple in the bibilical sense. Are you confirming that?"

The only reason that is relevant is it explains why the local R leadership is backing Tom Carroll and is throwing everyone under the bus who they just think might get in the way. other than that, I don't give a shit. I'm attracted to parakeets, myself.

Bernie O'Hare said...

An anonymous comment has been edited and is reposted, with an offensive term removed. I will use that offensive term only when it is a direct quote of what someone said.

"Has KKKerr spoken out against MezzaKKKappa? Or does he hate [minorities] as well? He should kkklear up his position."

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yet another edited and re-posted. lease don't make me go thru this:

"When the face of the party is [minority]-hating Mezzakkkappa, this is the least of their problems. Kerr lost this R before he had a chance to meet me. Independent feels good, by the way."

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Kelly. She is an honest and personable gal. She donates many hours to her Boro. It's a shame TM in devoting so much of her time toward ripping the Leader hasn't learned anything.

And if in fact she has an attraction to her, Bernie, let's make sure it's not a fatal attraction.

Tony Simao said...

I don't and didn't ever consider myself special or above anyone else. But what makes me special is the fact that some of you can't seem to get my name off of your lips. My goal is to get GOOD Republicans elected to office and it is obvious that the stale and moss covered Rs have issue with that.

Since I'm openly gay, everyone I am friends with HAS to be the "biblical sense" type. Then again, YOU may be a homophobe and I may just be living my life with friends and family.

As far as Monahan is concerned, there was a conflict of interest with him supporting a Democrat and being the treasurer for Sletvold's campaign. If any issues would come from those races he wouldn't be able to handle them. It really isn't rocket science going on here.

I'm disapointed in you Bernie for not even reaching out to us to get the story straight. These people are using you and you're letting them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Don't play that game with me, Yony. The person to reach out to, Bob Kerr, has not responded to a single email.

I'm disappointed in the actions that you and your party have taken, which extend far beyond severing your relationship with an attorney who served you for over 30 years.

I'm disappointed that the party chair would invite a bigot who advocates the use of deadly force against 14 year-old girls, and who was convicted over death threats to an elected official, to lead you in prayer. What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm disappointed that you personally signed her petition. What the hell is wrong with you?

Your party is in shambles right now, and it is mostly because of its leadership.

If Monahan has a conflict, then you certainly have a greater one and should resign your position in accordance with your own logic.

Anonymous said...

Is their a conflict when the chairperson supports a candidate?

Not likely. What is your point Tony?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"My goal is to get GOOD Republicans elected to office"

So he signs Tricia Mezzacappa's petition. If that's his idea of a GOOD Republican, I'll take the bad ones.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"These people are using you and you're letting them."

Actually, I found out about this through talking to a Monahan client who has no interest in County politics. I went from there to learn what I learned.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in you Bernie. You and Ron Angle are so pathetic in your accusations. I am disappointed that you are so hungry for something to do that your blog is turning into a soap opera. Tom is gay, Tony's gay, Robert's gay, all the republicans are GAY!!! AHHHHHHH!!! haha. You are posting information that you have "heard" which makes you a gossip columnist. Your information is wrong which lately it's been consistently wrong. These people that you refer to as worker bees are the biggest bunch of belligerent, self serving trouble makers that NorCo has been cursed with. One is drunk at meetings, the other abuses her husband and these people hate robert kerr because he got them a new office. They hate Tom Carroll and Tony because they actually work for the republican party....not against it. You know Bernie maybe you should actually go to some meetings or talk to people before you write about them. Your blog is slowly turning into a highschool cafeteria

Anonymous said...

"One is drunk at meetings, the other abuses her husband "

and you're accusing BERNIE of turning this into a soap opera?

Pot, meet kettle....

Anonymous said...

ooooooh, noowww I get it. The hatred is because Simao signed Mezzacappa's petition.

See when people actually hear her side of the story, and dont rely on this outrageously wrong blog for information, they can see who the crazy person is....

Its not her, its O'Hare, angle and the rest of the hate committee who is trying to down the republican party.....

And why? To score points with an absurd County Exec hopeful who will tax the citizenry to their graves?

And why? To have an "in" at the courthouse, so smelly O'Hare can keep his nose in everyone's underwear.

And thats what all this hate is about.....hand Ron ANgle a sword, and by God, we are all doomed,

unless we stand united, and pray the devil back to hell

Anonymous said...

Is it a trait of gay Republicans to turn a blind eye to racist statements made by one of their candidates? Baffling.

Anonymous said...

They and you support Angle and he is a bigot and anti-semite. Hypocrisy much?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, I heard NONE of this from Angle. Even he is embarrassed by the mess. My source is a Monahan client who has no interest in your petty head games. After that, I contacted Monahan. He provided me Kerr's letter but declined comment. After that, I emailed Kerr and contacted some party people. Kerr dd not respond and that is no surprise bc he never does.

The party is in shambles. The people who dd all the work have been alienated, and you will see the fruits of your labor this November.

I don't care who is gay, but I do think that Tony's relationship with Carroll is why he is getting preferential treatment. I would like Kerr to explain how he allowed a bigot and a person convicted of death threats to lead them all in prayer. I'd like Tony Simao to explain why he signed that person's petition. Is this a GOOD Republican?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"See when people actually hear her side of the story, and dont rely on this outrageously wrong blog for information, they can see who the crazy person is...."

A magistrate heard her side of the story and convicted her of disorderly conduct. A judge heard her side of the story and has barred her from filing further curt actions. Another judge has heard her side of the story, and has determined her side of the story is per se defamation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"They and you support Angle and he is a bigot and anti-semite. Hypocrisy much?"

Can't recall a single instance of Ron using the "N" word or being anything more than insensitive. When he was, i condemned him.

Anonymous said...

Bernie you have this story and your comments exactly right
Everything you have reported is right on

Anonymous said...

Bernie, stop pestering Kerr and TM for their ceremonial opening prayer. They value their religious freedoms like every other American. In the meantime, Kerr doesn’t know the value of a long term volunteer.

Anonymous said...

Once the NCRC looked the other way from Angle's antisemitic statements, it became easy to accept Mezzakkkappa's bigotry. Any circus knows the big tent still needs the elephant shit shoveled out from time to time. Time to shovel the shit and clean from within.

Anonymous said...

Are they only good republicans if Roberts consulting company benefits from their canadacy?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who claims Ron Angle is trying to "down" the Republican party, and help dems, just has their head WAY up their ass.

Anonymous said...

You tell'em Ron. Maybe you can be canned form another radio station.

Anonymous said...

NorCo GOP is growing. With growth comes change and growing pains. You may call it a circus but I personally have attended the meetings. It is ridiculous that you post comments on here as fact but then again this is a blog...not to be confused with factual reporting. The meetings are constantly being interrupted by your so called worker bees. They are a group of trouble makers but Mr. Kerr does a good job at avoiding their blows. The republican party stands for one thing and that is the constitution. There are bad apples in every group....Ron Angle and his gang have given local GOP efforts a bad name. And what is the big deal about TM leading the prayer...she volunteered. You can write a gossip column about the republicans in northampton county and childishly slander its PRODUCTIVE volunteers like Mr. Kerr (also named one of the states best chairs), Mr. Carroll, Mr.Simao and the other committee people who are fed up with the counterproductive behavior of a few. The fact remains that you have no personal vestment in anything except a sour attempt to push your own agenda....but this would be accomplished more effectively if you discussed verifiable facts that were relevant on some level. Perhaps people aren't responding to your e-mails because you tend to smear

Tea Party Footsoldier said...

I prefer my gay Republicans to be deep in the closet, ala Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, and Ted "Happy Ending" Haggard, we are the party of moral superiority and I'm pretty sure God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Anonymous said...


Do you or do you not endorse TM's candidacy? Kerr would gain more respect if he'd call a racist what she really is. You rightfully call out Angle. What do you say about your current bigot? Racism is immoral, unpatriotic, and unconstitutional. She'll be your poster girl through November. You guys are brilliant.

Flea Party Footsoldier said...

I think sex where poop comes out is a Constitutional right. Can I have some money? One percenter squaw Elizabeth Warren says minimum wage should be $22 per hour. That's a lot of wampum. But I really would prefer to not work.

Anonymous said...

This is not an example of leadership. It is a grab for power and whoever disagrees is going to get trampled.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 12:46 PM (a.k.a. Tricia Mezzacappa): You said in a sworn filing in County Court that you have a mental disorder, take "potent" controlled substances and, in your professional opinion as a registered nurse, are "unfit" to defend yourself in court. That's your side of the story concerning "who the crazy person is."

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting topic this has turned into. If you really want to know who is gay it is quite simple. He is the one whose dick tastes like shit. so now you know.

The Unspoken John Q. Public said...

In a million I never would have felt like this, but I am embarassed to be a Republican. Our committee members insult people that have done nothing but aided and supported us free of charge for YEARS. Now we support and back a bigot and convicted criminal of wanting to kill another human being. One would wonder if it is the year 2013. I ahbor small town politics. Shine a light on these people and instead of owning up to their decisions, the make excuses, point the finger, make up conspiracies, and insult our intelligence. What kind of chance in hell can they think any of their candidates will get elected now, especially a judicial candidate that is supposed to be above reproach? I wouldn't vote for Carrol now if he was evening handing out $100 bills. They sealed their own faith and mine too. That is what is upsetting. We are all going to be painted with the same broad brush. But I will not enjoy when we all get associated with Mezzacappa. And this I will carry with me in all the future elections. Small town politics can have it benefits.

Mickey Grollman said...

Did Tony Simano say that he may be just living his life with friends and family and we may be homophobic?

If he is gay, I really do not care. What I do care about was that he caught online with naked pictures of himself trying to get dates?

How is that good for getting good Republicans? I realize that he entitled to a private life, but it becomes public when he posts it online? Is there bells and whistles going off for other people on this point, too? Other politicans have been shown the door for less. Maybe I am making a production out of it. But if you are looking for good candidates and market your private life with naked pictures of yourself online, I really would hate to see what your version of a bad candidate would be. Either your or my judgment is terribily wrong?

Anonymous said...

Will Rodgers would love this Republican party.

Anonymous said...

"Either your or my judgment is terribily wrong?"

spot on. i would have serious misgivings voting for any candidate that posted naked pictures of themselves online, regardless of their sexuaal orientation.

that's not homophobic. that's "badjudgment-phobic"

Anonymous said...

$100 dollar bills or $3 dollar bills.

Pale Rider said...

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him.

This is a typical example of little men trying to be big men. The same with most of your bloggers!

Anonymous said...

With all the success the Norco GOP had in 2009, taking over the County Council and electing good leaders, Bob Kerr should be ashamed of himself for running the party into the ground.

Alienating good volunteers, firing Mary Barket (a person who devoted all her extra time to the Norco GOP, well above what she was paid to do), and wasting limited funds on pet projects is not the way to run a party. Worse, Kerr set up a consulting business to take money from candidates that he puts up for endorsement. Tell me that's not a conflict of interest.

The last remaining good members of this party should stand up, take back their party and throw Kerr out on his rear end and clean house of his minions.

Kerr has no choice than to sidle up to racist nuts, because legitimate candidates see the party for what it has become and want no part of it.

The Democrats in Northampton County are a mess, and Robert Kerr will lose to them because he has almost singlehandedly turned the Norco GOP into an even bigger mess. Democrats will unfortunately win this year not by any measure of their own, but because Norco Republicans have committed suicide by electing Robert Kerr their chair.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Mezzacappa's blog has been locked down and is now by invitation only

Anonymous said...

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