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Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Imperious" NorCo GOP Chair Bob Kerr Under Attack

Kerr gives Treasurer Tony Simao a major award
It should be a barn-burner tonight. Northampton County Republican are ostensibly meeting en masse, at the Courthouse, to fill a vacancy for Vice Chair. But before the night is out, they might be filling two vacancies, Vice Chair and Chair. GOP boss Bob Kerr has been savaged in a letter signed by two former party leaders, a former Vice-Chair and four state committee members.

Prominent local Republicans Peg Ferraro and Ron Angle rarely agree on anything, but they are unified in their opposition to the "imperious" actions of Bob Kerr, who has "fractured the party" and "alienated party members" on the eve of what promises to be a Democratic slaughter in the municipal races this year.

Kerr has been the subject of several recent postings here. He was elected nine months ago with little inquiry about his background or what he even does for a living. PoliticsPa him rated as one of the state's best party chairs, but must have reached that conclusion from talking to him. As revealed in the letter below, County Republicans are in a state of rebellion, and at the worst possible time.

Kerr has been accused of being a control freak. Perhaps he should take control of his own life first. Since 2000, he and his wife have been Defendants in fifteen landlord tenant actions filed by Lafayette Hills.  Fifteen. That's the sign of a problem. The most recent of these was filed in September, and resulted in a judgment for $3,626.20 in back rent as well as an order of possession. (Blogger's Note, 3:05 PM: What I found in the course of researching Kerr has nothing to do with the letter from Norco Republicans. It's something I discovered independently.)

But I'll let Republican do the talking.


Mark Baker said...

I want the tar and feather concession

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm selling the pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

It had to be done and now we'll see what the outcome is. Kudos to all who signed the letter.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Kerr and Simao will try to spin this.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what Kerr does for a living?

Any idea what Simao does for a living?

Anonymous said...

It's like watching a retard fight. Very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Is that guy still putting pictures of his knob on the interwebz?

Anonymous said...

The guy on the left looks like that moron from WAEB, Gunther Walsh?

Ronnie DelBacco said...

Bernie and others,
I've had my disagreements with Kerr, even as recent as this month, but this letter and the notion that Kerr is a control freak is a HUGE stretch. Kerr and I vehemently disagree on some matters concerning what should be in our by-laws, but by no means is Kerr as inept as these ridiculous charges imply.
First of all, this letter is signed by some of the same people who either quit or were officially voted out of leadership positions, and who have visibly harbored angst towards the new leadership ever since.
Second, our county GOP leadership has remained solid in its support of ALL committee activities showing no favoritism regardless of persons involved.
Third, the letter cherry picks only pieces of the by-laws to make a weak case against Kerr with NO real actionable charges. I and 14 other people plus 1 independent lawyer collectively spent 6 weeks combing through these by-laws line by line. Monahan knows better.
Fourth, our party has internal issues like every other organization. The major problems are not coming from Kerr, but rather are being trumped up by a small handful of disgruntled committeemen who have either been voted out, quit their jobs, or are simply "low information" supporters of the first two groups.
I'm not at all surprised at the 'anonymous cowards posting in favor of this absolutely deceitful letter designed only to further fracture the party so that those signers can feel good about themselves for destroying what they can no longer manipulate.
I proudly put my name to my comments. This is not so much a defense of Robert Kerr as it is a defense of decency and truth. Those signers of this letter have shown just how small and insignificant they really are. Grow up and stop the mud-slinging, or just follow in your Top Signer's footsteps and just quit altogether like he did. We don't need troublemakers.

Joy Hemming said...

This is all from people that have sour grapes over what the committee is doing. Get over it.
Robert Kerr is doing a fine job. I have had disagreements and we have discussed them. But his is outrageous and uncalled for.
All that are supporting this activity should be removed from the Republican party. I am very disappointed with people that I thought were good Republicans. I now see their colors.

Anonymous said...

To all readers: this is a VERY small group of people within the republican party. These individuals are negative, disgruntled by their own failures, and behaving in a way that is extremely attention seeking. This type of behavior is not only disparaging to their own character but making a mockery of an otherwise strong organization. As stated in other comments Robert Kerr is a fair, organized, HONEST leader with the welfare of the party in his best interests. He asks members of the party for feedback and follows through. He understands the by-laws and adheres to them. If this small group of dividers doesn't like it they should seperate themselves. On another note, why on EARTH would peg ferrarro get involved in such a situation when shes actively seeking reelection?

Anonymous said...

Chairman Robert Kerr has followed the bylaws WITH the advise of one of the people who signed the letter. Bryan Monahan the former solicitor who now puts ink to paper stating that his own advise goes against the bylaws! Personally I feel this man should be disbarred for these actions.

Peg Ferraro is in the middle of a campaign. How stupid is she to put her name on something like this. Especially with the ballot position that she has!

Roy Shuman basically anointed Robert Kerr to be Chairman and then walked away never to be heard from again. Until now when the two women who led this ball-ess wonder around contacted him for one last demand.

The people who signed the letter have no respect for the party, what we stand for, and what our toil is. They have no respect for authority and believe THEY THEMSELVES to run the county.

YES! Not just the NCRC but the whole damn county! They bully elected officials just as much as they try to bully Robert Kerr.

I say that they all be removed from any and all leadership positions within the NCRC. They are a cancer that has been carried around long enough.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe bc she wants to get re-elected and realized Kerr is flushing your party down the toilet. I'm sorry "Anonymous", but the people who signed that petition are heavy hitters. Thanks to your idiotic leadership, a racist is likely t be on the ballot this Fall.

Ronnie, It's not my party, but I know several names on that letter that impressed me. I understand it's in your interest to stay on Kerr's good side. But this is not just some tiny segment. It is the heart of your party. Also, who will protect you when Kerr and Simao are coming after you?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Delbacco should not be accusing the letter writers of being cowards. Their names are clearly legible on the letter. Mr. Delbacco has stated time and time again he does not support the committee and just recently stated he was resigning from the executive committee. Now they are all great.

chinese buffet said...

Robert Kerr is always the victim, huh? Ain't nobody got time for that. Like Bernie said, the signers are the heart. Robert Kerr would not have his 15 seconds if this heart didn't hold the committee together for so long.

Anonymous said...

Kerr is a deadbeat who couldn't lead a chihuahua with a cattle prod.

Not to mention he had the republican day breakfast before you could even circulate nomination petitions.

"Let's get 300 people in a room when they CAN'T sign petitions, rather than wait a week when they can"

Dip derrr duuuppp.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is pouring emotional responses.

Hre are the cold hard facts.

Only one person has violated the by laws to dispose of people he does not like, that is RObert Kerr
and YES he has violaed the by laws, that is indisputable.

only one person on the committee has announced that he has an enemies list of 15 people That is RObert Kerr.

Since Robert Kerr becasme chairman a record number of people have quit becasue the meetngs are run so shabbily

Since RObert Kerr has became chairman we have not won one race in which he was involved.

Since RObert Kerr became chairman we have lost many many volunteers becasue they are treated like employees with no thanks or gratitude

People are asking if the committee no longer exists, becasue when they call the number no one EVER answers the phones They track the NCRC down from the old HQ to the new and no is EVER there. They walk in the door and still can't find the office.

Best ever chairman? Yeah for the Democrats.

Ronnie DelBacco said...

Dear Anonymous Coward,
If you re-read my comment you'll see that I was calling "anonymous posters" cowards, not the signers of the letter. I have at least a morsel of respect for them at least owning up to their claims.

As for me resigning from the Executive Committee, I was never on the Executive Committee. I remain a committed republican committeeman. You, anonymous coward, have only shown your ignorance of the party structure with your foolish comment.

Though we disagree on many issues, you and I have even remained civil with each other. We are proof that two people on opposite sides of an issue don't have to tear each other apart just because we don't always see eye-to-eye. You know I believe in the individual's right to free speech because I defended your's when JH was gunning for you. I stated clearly that my comments were more in defense of decency and truth than a defense of Robert Kerr. I have no problem if anyone wants to come after me; I'd just like them to use their names and be grown ups about it.
I can't imagine a situation where either Kerr or Simeo would do that to me simply because we HAVE HAD disagreements and they have both proven to be gentlemen when we disagree, not children like these letter signers are showing themselves to be.

It is very disappointing to see these "heavy hitters" act out in such a deplorable manner. I have had good relationships with a few of them and I'm very surprised at their actions. The majority of our committeemen see this for what it is, a witch hunt to vilify Kerr.
I also used to think of them as 'heavy hitters', but now they just appear to be tiny shriveled sour grapes.
Furthermore, there letter offers NO solutions, NO suggestions, and NO expressed desire to reunite the party...just vile deceptiveness and contempt for leadership.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ronnie, You and I get along just fine, and you are one of the people who hung with me when Joe Hilliard embarked on his witch hunt. I have a lot of respect for you, especially since you identify yourself.

I would suggest to you tat all these people, from Ferraro to Angle, can't be wrong. Something is seriously amiss. I believe it is a reaction to Kerr's own witch hunts.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie how do you feel about your treasurer being on porn sites?

Anonymous said...

Right ferraro and angle...angle who is so much trouble he lost in his own district and who is calling peg every name in the book. Your sources are giving you misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Derr Fuhrer supports a candidate that is a known racist and now knowingly falsifies information on her application for a LTCF. Yet exiles the very backbone of the party. You can say what you want about the people on this letter, but they have been the backbone of the party for years. It is a mighty big statement for Ron and Peg to agree on something. Bringing more validity to these claims rather than sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of this is ridiculous. There are no facts except a select few out of a large grouo of supporters who may have been around forever but havent really done anything except make trouble within the party and are now feeding it to the wolves over their own lack of integrity. Yes they signed a letter that doesnt make them courageous....everyone knows they are a bunch of whiners so its not a shock. These people are acting like democrats more than the democrats themselves by utilizing a blog to get themselves attention. They are angry because Robert Kerr has taken action to push the party forward and they are threatened. Instead of acting like cornered animals it woukd be more professional to be productive members and come up with ways to get along. This type of action is similar to teenagers figgting with their parents. And using the racist card about one person is reaching. Especially when this group likes to put down anyone that doesnt have as much money as they do or looking down on people that dont "own their own zip code" or have "the friends that will see to it their ideas take action". Classism is just as bad as racism yet that is ignored bc its not sexy enough.

Norco Twink said...

As much as I love Tony Simao for his progressive politics and boyish good looks we have more than enough Twinks in the Log Cabin R's, we definitely need more bears to snuggle in this big tent. If Chuck Norris ever comes out of the closet you can bet the farm I'll be there welcoming him into the "party"! XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...


Take notice to this statement from RD

"but this letter and the notion that Kerr is a control freak is a HUGE stretch"

....to be continued

Bernie O'Hare said...

Norco twink, I'll see you At toight's meeting. Since i'm gay this week, i'm hoping I get lucky.

Anonymous said...

Good old Shuman, who endorsed the Democrat John Stoffa for county executive. Yeah, give the Party more of that. Along with Angle and Nichols and the other crazy teabaggers, the Party is just fine.

Maybe this time we can endorse
Callahan and forget the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

By the way isn;t Ron Angle a "bear" by definition?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He's a bulldog.