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Friday, March 08, 2013

NorCo Bridge Repairs to Cost $7 Million

During a brief meeting of Northampton County Council last night, Executive John Stoffa stated that, within the next three months, he will present a $7 million financing plan to fund bridge repairs and replacements.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we build %186,000 parking spaces on the county credit card first?

John's financial decisions have swerved like a NorCo Democrat driving home from lunch.

While a nice guy, he's a complete and utter fiscal retard.

Anonymous said...

so jealous of his success aren`t you????????????????

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We need new bridges are roads 3 years ago, not a plan 3 months from now.

Anonymous said...

Stoffa didn't do anything for seven years and now he is cramming everytihng he can into his last year. The crazy thing is this council is letting him.

The next executve will get the bill for all of Stoffa's spending and will that be a mess. Big tax increase here we come.

Clinton Oxford said...

@ Union Prevailing Wages....not much concrete will be poured.