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Monday, March 25, 2013

GOP County Council Candidate Impersonates Resident

After going silent on Friday, Northampton County Council and West Easton Borough Council candidate Tricia Mezzacappa's hate blog is back in full force. She is now impersonating people. Let me tell you the story.

Matthew Dees is a West Easton resident who decided to run for Borough Council, but then withdrew. He is also the owner of a webpage called WestEastonPa. Mezzacappa decided to impersonate him.

On her moderated blog, Mezzacappa published a comment ostensibly coming from a "Matthew Dees", that bashed West Easton Borough, using exactly the same language that Mezzacappa uses. When the real Matthew Dees saw the comment, he asked Mezzacappa to remove it.  She refused. So on his own webpage, Dees posted this:
"I wouldn’t vote for her if the only other candidate was a rattlesnake with its fangs embedded in my carotid artery. For Mezzacappa, the gate is down and the lights are flashing, but there just isn’t any train coming. While some people are a couple of bricks short of a load, Mezzacappa lost her entire load of bricks driving to an insane asylum.

"Since Mezzacappa may be the only Republican candidate in the May 21st primaries, it’s a sure bet her name will be on the ballot as a Republican candidate in the general election, come November. Hopefully, she won’t survive the County Council primaries – another race she’s entered. Yep, not only is she running for a seat on the West Easton council, but she wants to be elected to the Northampton County Council, as well. God bless the NorCo Republicans for welcoming the wretched into their fold.

"I’ve never met Mezzacappa and have never spoken with her. She doesn’t know me and what I know of her has come from her own blog. It isn’t easy to read. Post after post of venom and hate. I had to keep a bucket and towels nearby to deal with the vomit from an upset stomach, as I continued to read and comprehended the twisted mind of Tricia Mezzacappa."
Now, Mezzacappa claims to have an email from Dees denying that he is the publisher of Westeatonpa.com. "It is my personal belief that Miss Gross is utilizing Bernie O'Hare to impersonate me online, as he has done to several other people," the supposed Dees email reads.

Unfortunately for Mezzacappa, the registration information for westeastonpa.com reveals that it is, in fact, registered by Matthew Dees. His email address and phone number are included. I will not list them here, but you can see them by clicking on the link.

Mezzacappa is not just a liar, but a bad one.

A bill to criminalize her kind of online impersonation is under consideration in the state house. State. Rep. Katharine Watson states, “The type of damage that is caused by fake email accounts, Facebook profiles or Twitter handles can be malicious to the point that it is now consider a form of cyberbullying.”

Updated 9:10 AM: Mezzacappa shuts down blog ... again. - After a torrent of vulgar attacks and online impersonation, Mezzacappa has taken down her blog for the second time since Friday.


Anonymous said...

Or so you claim.

Anonymous said...

obviosly you know how easy it is to register a domain in anyones name....its done online, idiot, and just like online impersonation, the real identity has no control over this

pot calling kettle, you must think everyone is born yeatserday, shithead

you do this for a living, you've been called out, get used to it

WestEastonPA.com said...

To 2:55, 3:13, or others who doubt,

O'Hare has this correct.

The phone number listed on the registration information is the phone number for my Internet business. Palmerton is where I lived before moving to West Easton.

I'm contacting an attorney to see if there are any options available, regarding Mezzacappa impersonating me. I will also be making a statement on April 11th at a public forum, where I will be denouncing Mezzacappa's actions and clarifying this matter.

Matthew A. Dees

Anonymous said...

She'll never make it to primary day at this crazed pace. A pattern of self destructive behavior if I ever saw it! She needs to be disarmed and committed for observation in a mental health facility..soon! The public is in mortal danger.

Anonymous said...

Take care Matthew and continue to fight the good fight. We are all praying for you to be successful in exposing the evil among us.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What I find interesting is that Mezzacappa never redacts email addresses, but for some strange reason, redacted the one she claimed came from Dees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Matthew, It's an invasion of privacy.

(a) She is impersonating you, despite a request from you to stop, while simultaneously denying that you are you.

(b) The impersonation is intentional and without your consent.

(c) Mezzacappa intends to deceive or mislead the public for the purpose of harassing, threatening, intimidating and humiliating you; while simultaneously defrauding the public out of votes.

(d) The impersonation proximately caused injury to you, including injury to your reputation or humiliation, injury to professional or financial standing, discouraging people from looking at your site.

Anonymous said...

This recently former R is disgusted by the Mezzakkkappa candidacy. But are her offenses worse than drunk driving and strangling your wife in front of the little ones? Incredibly, the wife strangler landed on his feet in a party no show job. Mezzakkkappa is repulsive. But so is Brennan and he was defended on this blog. His party should also be held to account for continuing to associate (closely) with him. You are silent.

Worth Repeating Department said...

Some people cannot tolerate empowered women, especially when they are platinum blonde Sharon Stone dopplegangers with high caliber weaponry. To those unfortunates it must seem very emasculating to deal with such a fine specimen.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am amazed that someone would try to draw analogy between Mezzacappa and Brennan.

One of the many differences between the two is that he knows what he did was wrong, has been punished for it, has made amends to his wife and children, and is working hard at establishing his sobriety. In other words, he is sick and is trying very hard to get better. He is in jail, although he got an hour off bc of daylight savings time. I'm surprised that wasn't a front page story.

In Mezzacappa's case, she is continuing to hurt people, has NOT been punished for her antics, is actively trying to hurt people, and is seeking two elected offices. Even now, she is impersonating someone.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The "Worth Repeating Department" comment comes from Mezzacappa's blog mentor, who has yet to walk into a courtroom with her.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

Sorry, but I can't allow any comment that even remotely suggests violence of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Bernie. As of 1152 a.m. Ms Messacappa's blog is publishing

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yep. She's spewing her venom again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

... and now it's down again.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, Apparently Nurse Rachett is on the floor.'It's Medication Time' Patrick

Anonymous said...

Bernie, people realize that you and Tricia were once an item. No one is certain who broke off the relationship but it was obviously a bad break.

Why do you contiue to attack this woman? Why not just move on with your life. There is nothing to be gained by your obcession with this woman.

Anonymous said...

re: comment removed at 9:43 am.
we arnt suggesting violence, but are trying to prevent it. Given the inflamatory character of the individual, we thought it was a prudent warning. we dont want anyone hurt.


Tricia Mezzacappa said...

Your troubled and damaged soul needs to find peace. I cannot imagine what your life must be like inside a commericial kiln, burning alive with rage and fury all day every day.

Get the help you need. Maybe its a priest, maybe its a psychiatrist. Maybe there is no help for a narcissist like you.

Anonymous said...

Take your own advice T. Why are you posting here? Look in the mirror if you dare.

Anonymous said...

You will never gain a seat on county council..NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Here you are again acting like a little bitch without a dick, maybe TM was right

Anonymous said...

Trish, are you still using the N-word in regular conversation? Will you be using it during the debates? Do you have the guts to use it to a black individual's face? I'd like you to earn my vote. But I need answers to these important questions. Please advise. Thanks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

SBFAN, I know your intentions werew good, but can't allow anything that could be misconstrued or taken out of context.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Peg should be dumped by the voters. She is not honest to your face and will go with the wind. She makes promises then breaks them if it suits her.

She is the Republican standard bearer and then you have Tricia. Two big reasons not to vote for the Republican ticket countywide.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The filthy languague used by 4:02 is exactly the kind of language used by Mezzacrappa. Does she honestly think voters will. Endorse that kind of garbage?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dees,

Print out the portions of her blog that impersonate you. Print out your warnings to her to remove the false and offensive material. Go to the district magistrate's office located on Butler Street. Tell the clerk you want to file a private criminal complaint for harassment (a summary offense) and stalking (a misdemeanor). Attach your written proof to the complaint. Both crimes require a "course of conduct" which is defined as "more than one act." In either offense, her acts must serve "no legitimate purpose." Stalking is more serious because it requires a showing of "substantial emotional distress." Emotional distress is defined in the law as "a temporary..state of mental anguish." This can be proven through you own testimony.

You have a case if you can prove that she committed two acts of impersonation that serve no legitimate purpose and were meant to either annoy you (harassment) or cause you substantial emotional distress (stalking).

Unlike the elected officials she harasses and stalks on a regular basis, you are a private citizen and are not fair game for her to abuse.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's very good advice. I'd take it, Matthew. She is harassing you when she impersonates you.

Anonymous said...

West Easton should be having a council meeting tonight at 7 pm, might check it out with the hope of seeing "live action" YIYIYIYIYIYIYII!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

12:57 is mezzacappa's blog mentor

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bernie. He can try to trip people up with his fake misspelled words, but the writing style and mo are the same.

Gilmore Tuttle said...

Sorry to go off topic but I can't find the answer anywhere. Does anyone know what time and what channel the USA vs. Mexico soccer match for tomorrow will be? I hate those Commie bastards!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Blog Mentor at CVS in A-Town. He looks bad!!! He looks like he has been hitting the bottle hard! Hey! Blog Mnetor! If you are out there and reading this, call that self-help sobriety group, Triple A! My condolences.

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:30 PM Tuesday. Who are the Commies? The US?

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