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Friday, March 15, 2013

Why Tony Bassil Wants to Be a District Judge

Tony Bassil, Easton City Controller and co-owner of the popular Karmelkorn Shoppe at Center Square, explains why he wants to succeed Gay Elwell as District Judge:

"Well, I've been Easton City Controller since 2006. We are in 2013. The City's been in surplus and I've proved myself that I've been a very good City Controller. On the other hand, I've also been invested in the City as a co-owner of the Karmelkorn Shoppe. That business has been in the City since 1931. So you see how much we are interested in keeping the City safe and keep the investment in the City and look where the future of the City of Easton is very bright. That's why I decided to run for that position. I know nobody can fit Gay Elwell's shoes, but someone has to do the job, and I think I can the job."

Unlike candidates Grifo and Prendergast, Bassil is not a lawyer, but he thinks that does not matter.

"Before I decided to run, I always looked on the qualifications. It's just like when you go to apply for a job. You see that you're applying for a job and you look, 'What are the qualifications?' If I'm qualified, then I apply. So here, what I did, is I went on the Pennsylvania Department of Justice. And I read all the qualification of a magistrate. To be a magistrate, the Pennsylvania Department of Justice will tell you, first, you must be a good citizen, then you must be in good standing ...

O'Hare: "That cuts me out."

"So I feel very strong I'm qualified to do the job. Because I'm not a lawyer, I must go and pass an exam, the test in Harrisburg, which is held June 3 to June 28. I'll be there during these days if I succeed the election in May."


Anonymous said...

At least he's not a teacher.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Pennsylvania Department of Justice?? That's a new one on me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There is no justice in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...