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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There's More to Life Than Glendon Boro Council

After taking a break, former Glendon Boro Council member Scott Pyatt decided to give it a go again. After all, if Mayor Panto, Jerry Seyfried and Ron Heckman can do it, why can't he? So he went out and got the required number of Democratic signatures and filed his nomination petition, only to learn that he's a Republican.

He forgot.

He seems to have other things on his mind.

Needless to say, he's off the ballot.

Hopefully, he'll wage a write-in campaign.


Anonymous said...

I kind of feel bad for him, especially after looking at the picture. NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pic!! God bless him!!

Anonymous said...

Great Pic! Go Glendon!!

Anonymous said...

Can some one tell me why Glendon even exists? Time to merge

Anonymous said...

Glendon exists because guys like the dude in the pic get chicks like that!