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Friday, March 15, 2013

Debate Continues Over DA's Independence

A Morganelli predecessor
On Wednesday, I put most of you to sleep with a very lengthy post that balances an important public interest in an independent District Attorney against the public interests in a professional staff, transparency and fiscal accountability. That's what's going on in District Attorney John Morganelli's mandamus action against Executive John Stoffa. Facially, it might seem trivial. But these are important considerations. A DA needs to be insulated from other branches of government. But the people, through County Council, also have a legitimate interest in determining how the office is funded.

Yesterday, County Solicitor Danny Spengler answered Morganelli's Complaint, and included what lawyers call a "New Matter" that will require a response from the DA. Unfortunately, I don't have it at this point.

But I do have a well-written memo from Council Solicitor Phil Lauer to Council. I pretty much share his view.

This lawsuit could have been avoided had Lamont McClure's Legal Judicial Committee been conducting meetings to review the Home Rule Charter. For over three years, he has failed to schedule a single meeting.


Anonymous said...

Ir it could have been avoided if Stoffa and his administrators weren't such clowns.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It could have been avoided had Lamont McClure been doing his job.

Anonymous said...

CLOWNS seems to be a political acronym fo any politician in the lehighvalley¿