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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Barron Von Footinmouth Endorses McClure ... Again

Following Congressman Matt Cartwright's and Governor Ed Rendell's endorsement of Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan for NorCo Executive, Lamont McClure today announced that Controller Steve Barron will be endorsing the asbestos lawyer ... again. "Nobody really noticed the first tine," explained McClure.

The endorsement is taking place this morning at Dunkin' Donuts, 13th and Northampton in Easton, one of von Footinmouth's favorite haunts. He recently failed in an attempt to organize a union there.

"Please remind the manager that if he needs anything from Northampton or Lehigh County, we're going to remember this day and we'll make sure that it will be part of the negotiations," Barron declared while munching donut holes in advance of his announcement.

"Dude, I'm just workin' the counter on work release. Give me a frickin' break, and put that badge away. It gives me nightmares. Want some weed?"

McClure is going to have Barron endorse him a third time in a few weeks. In addition to being Controller, Barron is an almost lawyer, a certified fraud examiner that the court won't permit to testify, union organizer, witch hunter and a tour guide at the Archibald Johnston mansion.  


Mark Baker said...

this man has no credibility outside of his own mind. If I were a candidate I'd pay him not to even mention my name.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie... Remember when you reported about Barron being a good fraud expert. That $83,000 he recovered for a widdow... You don't here is the post:


Oh and this was the comment you left in the post:

Actually, no Longoon ever helped a widow recover $83,000. Steve has been a good Controller and has used his expertise to help someone. Only a twisted moron could complain about that, or anonymously slam someone for giving Steve a well-needed pat on the back.

The simple reality is that I fail to acknowledge what Steve is doing most of the time. I do not have his understanding of audits and have a difficult time explaining them. But he is working hard and would be the first to tell you he has a very good staff behind him.

What's sad about all this is that these attacks are not coming from the Rs, but from jealous Democrats who don't like to see someone so young succeed.

Ignore these cowardly trolls, Steve. The rest of us do.

Then Barron smelled out the Gracedale lies and the other BS on this blog. Let's be real. You don't like Barron's opinions these days, but he's good at his job and does a lot for a lot of people.

Why are you always building people up just to put them down?

Your existence must be lonely and horrible.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not only did I write that, but I supported Barron before I realized what he was really like. I did so against the advice of many, who warned me he was an opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Barron and Rendell have a lot in comon besides their waistlines. Neither one's endorsement means anything.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise known as the kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

"In Bethlehem, I see how this is done. If you need something done, give money to the mayor of Bethlehem."

Charlie Dent (R-PA)
October 13, 2010

Charlie had Callahan figured out and rightly accused him of taking payoffs in the mayor's office. Crooks like Callahan eventually end up in jail. He'll likely get a job with the state committe and Bernie will participate in his attempt to rehabilitate. A vote for Callahan is a vote for an unethical, possibly criminal, sleaze. Charlie Dent said so just two years ago.

Anonymous said...

funniest post in a while

Earl Grey said...

Barron's breakfast at DD consists of 1 box'o'joe, 2 dozen munchkins, 1 french crueller, and 3 boston cremes to wash it all down ( he drinks the custard filling and discards the doughy shell).

Anonymous said...

okay so all this means is that McClure will get one more vote. Baron has no supporters and followers. He has lost credibility.

Anonymous said...

If a donut hole is like a hanging chad, we're in for a long election. Maybe Barron is there to eat the chads.

Anonymous said...

McClure wins in a close election. Thast is just the way it will be, too bad Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Barron has much more support than you think!

Anonymous said...

The Pillsbury Dough Boy is the perfect spokesman for DD. Atiyeh should run ads on his garish billboard of the dynamic duo, sumo-sized Barron and McClure dumping Munchkins down their throats. Time for Krispy Kreme to ante up with some campaign dough!

Lighthouse said...

Received my second McClure-Saves-Gracedale mailer today, paid for by Citizens for McClure. Considering the election is two months away, and knowing these are not cheap, I'd be curious how much is being spent by him this primary.

But then I remember in 2007, didn't Lamont spend over $14,000 (for an office that currently pays $9,500) to Mark Schwartz' $500-ish, and barely won? Going by that ratio, I can't imagine how much his patrons are willing to spend this election.

Of course besides COAF, McClure has Abe Atiyeh on his side. That should win a lot of votes, especially in Bethlehem City and Township. Of course, Callahan should take a lesson from Tim Holden, and not get too comfortable with all the establishment support at Blue. Though, unlike Holden he seems to be taking a lesson from his old opponent Dent who fought (and spent) in 2012 like he had a real opponent. How much will John be spending? ...or won't he have to, building up the war chest for the future?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lighthouse, Callahan is running like he's behind, and is building and using a powerful grass roots network. He does have the Holden crowd behind him, but has the Cartwright crowd, too.

Anonymous said...

Callahan has O'Hares support and that is all most voters will need to know. The Gracedale issue is near and dear to most Democrats. Stoffa and O'Hare still have dodged the tough questions and all the games that went on regrding Gracedale.

So Mr. Callahan is greatly underestimating the concern amongst voting Democrats for John Stoffa part two.

People in Bethlehem are not happy with the Callahan private garbage proposal, closing the northside firehouse and givng casino money to Allentown and Lehgh County. He promised to cut taxes and instead has raised them.

Yeah, he is just loived in the city. All the connecrted politicans rubbing him won't change his record or the fear he instills in many Democrats who are sick of Stoffas ways.

Anonymous said...

You are a whack job. Only the firefighters complained about closing the firehouse, only a vocal few opposed single trash hauling but that was enough for most of City Council who are afraid of their own shadow, and it was the State legislatures in the area who gave casino money to Allentown and Easton not Callahan.