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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Mezzacappa's Latest Stalking Claim Dismissed

Northampton County Council and West Easton Borough Council candidate Tricia Mezzacappa has been tossed out of court again. Last year, despite (or perhaps because of) Bucks Barrister Larry Otter, she failed to get a restraining order against me after making all kinds of ridiculous accusations, from pig poisoning to stalking. In an Opinion and Order released yesterday, Judge Anthony Beltrami has dismissed yet another stalking complaint. This one, which incidentally claims that I date raped her, added Ron Angle as a Defendant.

Apparently, he was my back up.

I called Angle with the news. He was never served with Mezzacappa's petition, despite her sworn testimony that she had done so. I told him I had won, but he has to report to the prison by 9 AM today.

I'll wait 'till he gets there before calling to tell him the case against him has been tossed, too.

We both owe Rick Orloski a debt of gratitude. He's been heaped with abuse from a sick person for doing his job.

What prompted this latest stalking petition?

She saw me.

I was at the courthouse, earning a living. She came to my work place to file papers. I said nothing to her. I just walked to a computer and did my job. The very next day, she filed a petition complaining that I not only confronted her, but obstructed her from leaving the office.

A few weeks later, she decided to add Ron Angle as a Defendant for good measure because she saw him at the courthouse once as well. She claims he laughed at her.

Mezzacappa had asked all of her fans to come to court with her for moral support. But on that fateful day, the only person with her was her Republican running mate for West Easton Borough Council last year, Laurie Denegar.

I walked into Judge Betrami's courtroom, and Mezzacappa ran out, insisting I had to leave. Eventually, there were three or four deputies in the courtroom, about as many as you'll find in a frickin' murder case. Later, when Judge Beltrami came to the bench, Mezzacappa's friend asked him to eject me so Mezzacappa could present her case. Beltrami advised that, as a party and the subject of some pretty scandalous accusations, I had every right to be there.

After the case was nearly over, Mezzacappa decided she'd come in after all, to make a statement.  But she would only come in about 1/3 of the way. After about thirty seconds, Judge Beltrami decided to place her under oath. She rattled on with scurrilous accusations of criminal behavior, getting louder and angrier as she rolled along. She also threw a few darts at local police and the DA for not throwing me behind bars.

Interestingly, Judge Beltrami was unable to find the Preliminary Objections and Brief that Attorney Orloski had filed on my behalf, even though the docket entries made clear they had been filed. They somehow mysteriously vanished. Orloski had to re-send them.

Judge Beltrami not only dismissed Mezzacappa's latest stalking claims, but has actually barred her "from pursuing additional pro se litigation against Defendant [that's me!] and any related defendants [that's Ron!], raising the same or related claims, without leave of court. [that's him!]"

Put more simply, she's full of shit.

Judge Beltrami picks up on something I missed myself, which is why he gets the big bucks. In one of the Petitions, Mezzacappa claims (falsely) that I was heckling her in Judge Yetter's courtroom on the day she was convicted of disorderly conduct for threatening to drag West Easton Borough Council President Kelly Gross to the Delaware River and drown her. But in another petition, she claimed it was Angle, too, even though he was never there. She couldn't even keep her own stories straight, a problem common to liars.

Last year and again this year, Mezzacappa and her so-called lawyer, Larry Otter, abused a system designed to protect, not hurt, people. They filed a frivolous lawsuit with absolutely no probable cause to back up any of their ridiculous allegations. She dragged Ron Angle into the mix, abusing process to do so, and falsely testified that he had been served. Her outrageous claims hit the newspapers and television, where I was portrayed as some kind of monster. This was both a malicious prosecution and an abuse of process.

It's our turn now.


Anonymous said...

Got one word for MezzaLuny and the Otter: HA!!!!

Anonymous said...

You make an excellent point Bernie. This is a frivilous action by a person who needs and probably has had mental health treatment.It belongs in a mental health hearing and she should be court ordered into pschiatric treatment-- minus the spike heels.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the beginning of the end for her, her Blog Mentor, and all the loonies that mar people's good names over at that other blog. Too bad the author of Lehigh Valley Rumblings couldn't get some of this action. We know who you are, you ANONYMOUS COWARD on the FENCE!

Anonymous said...

Nuts Nuts Nuts! She is NUTS! Please someone commit this deranged lunatic! She will be all over this county this campaign season! VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT! the Republicans love her.

Pigface911 said...

What will become of Earl? You should file for sole custody Bernie and get him back into shape this spring. I have visions of a lean and well toned Earl galloping down the Palmer bike path off leash with you a good 50 yards behind futilely trying to keep up.

Anonymous said...

After Beltrami made his decision, did he leave for lunch and call it a day?

Anonymous said...

I thought THE OTTER kicked your jackass during the save Gracedale trial?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He did win that case, but was far from impressive. And after that, he pretty much made an ass of himself with ridiculous motions that were rejected all the way to the Supreme Court.

In this matter, his conduct in not advising me of his attempt to obtain a restraining order, despite walking right by me on the day he filed it, was unethical. His lawsuit was a malicious prosecution because there was no probable cause for any of the wild allegations made.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Nuts Nuts Nuts! She is NUTS! Please someone commit this deranged lunatic! She will be all over this county this campaign season! VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT! the Republicans love her."

I usually vote for as many or more Republican as Democrats in an election cycle. I ordinarily would not blame all Republicans for her. But I am disturbed to learn that their party boss actually asked her to lead them in prayer. The only person who was willing to confront her was Angle. The rest lacked the courage to do what is right. I will remember that when I vote in November.

Tommy Chong said...

Bernie what do you make of her recent blog inactivity, could it be she finally came to her senses somewhat realized the gravity of her situation? I have noticed some anon posting on the gracedale blog that seem to have her writing style (use of KERSPLAT!) in the past she has posted using either her name or WEFP blogger account. No doubt she is foaming at the mouth and has lots of venom left but oddly enough she has gone silent. Perhaps she has acquired council or at the very least some advice on how to conduct herself in these last days before the judgement. Will you file your malicious prosecution before or after the libel ruling?

Bernie O'Hare said...


My guess is that she is is hoping that none of the Republican super voters have seen her deranged rants, and that she is trying very hard to pretend she's really, really nice.

I still need to discuss this with a few people but my present intention is to sue her and Otter in early April.

Anonymous said...


I don't know what's going on with your defamation case against Mezzacappa but it seems to be at a standstill. I read here that she failed to answer your amended complaint, and failed to show up for her deposition. She apparently has ignored your other requests for discovery and spends a great deal of time taunting your lawyer on her blog. When are you and Rick going to drop a legal bomb on her?

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Hare-

Have you and your attorney considered taking the deposition of Laurie Denegar? She must know a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh the rath of a women scorned. C'mon Bernie, weren't you and the wicked witch of the west once lovers?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's "wrath," not "rath." And please stop spreading disinformation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"When are you and Rick going to drop a legal bomb on her?" - That matter goes in front of a judge next month.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Have you and your attorney considered taking the deposition of Laurie Denegar?"

Good idea.

John Rambo said...

TM's take on the Thode case is fascinating in light of her recent legal troubles, not sure what to make of it.

pigface817 :

"Young Megan here hasnt been through the school of hard knox. She needs to learn that emotional outbursts and cursing at a teacher are grounds for summary disorderly conduct charges that sometimes result in heavy duty fines.

My take is that the school should have had her charged with disorderly persons, ejected her from campus, and put her on a semester long suspension.

That this school even allowed her back to class, and gave her a masters degree is a gigantic gift that she should be grateful for. Her case went nowhere because she had no case to begin with. Second , she hired the world's worst attorney with a reputation for loss after loss after loss.

I hope Orloski can file for a name change for Miss Thode. I'll tell you this, if I see a resume thats says Megan Thode, I am giving it a slum dunk into the closest garbage bin I can find."

Original link


Anonymous said...

Can the courts send her a bill now for the wasted man hours for all concerned, and the rent of the court, and the 5 deputy sherifs, and the stenographer and anything else this cost me as a tax payer?

Where is the FAKE REV now when there really IS fraud and abuse of taxpayer monies?


Anonymous said...

First , the antisemitic Angle. Now, TM. The NorCo GOP should issue all communication in its original German.

Earl For County Council said...

"...could it be she finally came to her senses somewhat realized the gravity of her situation?"

Possibly the GOP may have told (begged?) her to stop blogging. They can see she is a problem for all of them and will be hard to control until the elections are over, when they can finally kick her to the curb. Doubtful the GOP will show their hand by distancing themselves before the election is over. They know she would turn her venom on them, as a spoiler.

Anonymous said...

Accordign to Bernie, "she hates fags", loves guns, yells a lot and acts crazy.

She sounds like a teabagger dream. I am surprised the Republicans are not running her for County Execuitve.

Lactose Intolerant!

Anonymous said...

She sounds unstable. Perfect candidate for the GOP of NorCo!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Mezzacappa hasn't posted anything here or anywhere else in respect to this blog posting. She must really be on a short and tight leash.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tonight when I was on my way to the Council meeting, I had to go thru a metal detector. While turning around, I could see someone dive into the bushes. That person was behind me. I later learned, from someone else at the meeting, that it was Mezzacappa. So while I'm happy she has kept her potty mouth shut for once, I'm convinced she's still bat shit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Did she ever make it inside for the meeting?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not that I could see.

Anonymous said...

She claims on the latest post on her blog that this last session in court was only for attorney fees. I guess she missed the whole thing about stalking and all of her other claims being dismissed?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Her frivolous stalking complaint was not only dismissed, but she is now barred from cluttering up court dockets with her nonsense. It's true we did not get att'y fees, but when I establish that she lied under oath, I expect that Ron and I will be getting considerably more.

Anonymous said...

"NO, the judge didnt say I am full of shit, rather, he declined to assess me attorney fees because he found no evidence of a vexacious lawsuit at all." ~ T. Mezzacappa

She got a pass on fees because the Judge recognized she is an ignoramus when it comes to the law.

In layman terms, the Judge issued a dozen pages that could have been condensed to, "Tricia, you are full of shit." Stupidity doesn't allow a free ride forever.

One thing I did notice... it was one of the shortest posts she's made on her blog. It's weird how she thinks that she came out a winner because she didn't have to pay attorney fees. At the very least, it should give her reason to worry about that big lawsuit she needs to answer.

Tommy Chong said...

Bernie, I set TM up with a nationally accredited law firm who will give her cash up front part of which she will use to hire Alan Dershowitz as counsel. The rest will likely be spent on Christian LaBoutin 9 inch stilettos and upgrades to her arsenal.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Call JG Wentworth, 877 Cash Now! Loved the video.

Anonymous said...

On Friday, March 8, Mezzacappa wrote an entry on her blog about Judge Beltrami's ruling, and she published the entire opinion and order for anyone to read. The judge dismissed her case, but he declined to award the defendants legal fees on the grounds that Mezzacappa was ignorant of the law. As a remedy for her ignorance, however, the judge barred her from pursuing similar claims without first obtaining permission of the court.

Mezzacappa concludes her blog post with this: "Sit tight assholes. We're just beginning." Nice touch from someone a county judge has thrown out of court twice and called ignorant.

Bernie O'Hare said...

... and another county judge has concluded that statements attributed to her are defamatory per se.

Anonymous said...

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