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Thursday, March 21, 2013

NorCo Dems Have Secret Meeting

Imagine you're a newcomer to politics and don't have a big warchest, but want your message out there. One way to do that is at a candidates' night, provided that the press or some bottom-feeding blogger is invited. But newcomers were deprived that opportunity last night. Easton Area Democrats met at Hotel Easton to hear from the crowded field of Democrats seeking a seat on council. But neither the press nor bottom-feeding bloggers were welcome.

Party apparatchiks fear that I might tell tall tales, and are even more terrified that one of us might actually tell the truth.

In any event, this sort of thing is good training for Sunshine law violations down the road.

About 50 people showed up. Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried were a big hit. They now have to buy sunglasses because all the women were swooning.

"It's not easy," Jerry complained afterwards in a secret telephone interview. "I'd like to know what it's like to be ugly for just one day."

"What's it like, Bernie?"

Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan was in the audience, booing candidates, but was ejected by a referee.


Anonymous said...

So what is the word? How did the candidates do? Any info on who came off good, bad, terrible.

By the way, Seyfried and Heckman have faces only a mother could love. Or at least thta is the word on the street.

Anonymous said...

Your headline is misleading since the county party had nothing to do with this secret event

Anonymous said...

This wasn't an event for bottom feeders it was an event for the party faithfuls to hear their candidates and make a choice to help those they felt most qualified. I picked mine and I'm sure others in attendence picked their favorites. If the media wants to have a candidates night they should go ahead and feel free to do it.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to ugly and having a face that only a mother could love, the male candidates lose. Give me the females. The dems females beat the R's females. If Seyfried and Heckman dressed up like girls they would get more votes. By the way, all the candidates were missing something last night including your pets. They need issues. Gracedale is a dead horse that they keep beating. We need to hear what these candidates hope to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Stoffa completed the list of things to do, that`s why they have no issues.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Your headline is misleading since the county party had nothing to do with this secret event"

To some extent, you are right. it was County candidates at a meeting of Easton Dems. They were all NorCo Dems. There was no way of putting it simply. But I wish i could have come up with a better headline.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38, nice BS hate.

The fact is I heard the candidates question the work ethic of the current county council regarding making informed decsisons. Gracedale was hardly the central topic but certainly a symptom of what happens when the legislative body is willing to be spoon fed anyhting the Admisntration says.

I to made my choices and we need some solid experience on cunty council. As to the females, only one bothered to show up. The other was a no show.

Anonymous said...

Borso was a no show but Deb Hunter was a knock out. Arcelay knows nothing, neither does O'Donnell. Gerry and Heckman's experience was on display.

Anonymous said...

I use to hang with Ron Heckman in the old days. He was quite the ladies man. he would cruise aroiund in his MGB roadster he rebuilt. Between crusing the circle in Nazareth and later some of the local clubs, he never seemd to be lacking female comapny.

Guess who I am Ron. Go Nazareth!

Anonymous said...

So the R's had them for years at the Holiday Inn. Had to start your name with an INITIAL first to get in.

Anonymous said...

Heckman a ladies man? What?

Bernie O'Hare said...

My guess at 5:59 would be Amanda Seyfried.

Anonymous said...

I think the election of Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried would be good for the county. All the other candidates are talking about all the new programs they would create or expand. They sounded as if they had unlimited funds. Most talked aobut how economic development is the key funcion of county governemnt.

Only Ron And Jerry, gave a knowlegable accounting of the responsiblities and realistic limitations of county governmet. I was very impressed with the depth of their knowledge and passion for importanc eof county governemnt. Head and shoulders above the others.

Some good people for sure but I believe after the past four years, the county would be well served with the additions of Ron and Jerry, as a balance to the new people.

When asked they made it clear, they are stunch supporters of the Home Rule form of county governemnt. No double talk. They are obviously very knowledgable. They must be, because they are already being attacked by the machines of some of the other candidiates.

Someone claimed Arcelay is leading the polls. Is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

Callahan just as bad as Stoffa ask the city employees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Someone claimed Arcelay is leading the polls. Is that even possible?"

No. It is not because it is not true. Jerry and Heckman are in the lead, I'm told, by someone who claims to have seen them. I have not. That sort of information is proprietary so I am very leery when someone tells me about polls unless I am also told that it is not to go anywhere else.

Anonymous said...


He makes the teabaggers on the Lehigh County Board look like brain surgeons. Just what Northampton County needs, a little bit of Pawlowski heavan in your own government. Hide the women and children.

God Help you all!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Seyfried in the lead? Is that seriously possible?