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Friday, March 15, 2013

Easton District Judge Race Still Crowded

The race to succeed popular District Judge Gay Elwell, who passed away unexpectedly just a few months ago, is still crowded. Five people want to don a black robe. Easton attorneys Antonia Grifo and Tim Prendergast, Constable Lance Wheeler, City Controller Tony Bassil and Code Inspector Sharbel Koorie have all filed nomination petitions. All but Lance Wheeler, who filed as a democrat, have cross-filed.

Although this appears to be Antonia Grifo's race to lose, it's hard to call. Tim Prendergast, another attorney, will draw some support that might otherwise go to her. That includes Kevin Santos, an attorney who had been eyeing the job himself. He circulated petitions for Prendergast. Grifo's bi-partisan circulators include prominent Easton Democrat Danny Cohen, as well as former NorCo Council member J. Michael Dowd, a Republican.

Both Wheeler and Koorie are based in the West Ward, so each is drawing votes from the other. Bassil and Koorie will split the Lebanese vote.

With this many people in the mix, thing can turn ugly in a hurry. But the candidates have this far run a remarkably lean campaign.


Anonymous said...

I love the Tony Basil song and video.

"Hey Mickey, your so fine, Hey Mickey!!"

Anonymous said...

I see Wheeler signs on every block downtown. I haven't seen any signs for anyone else yet. Seems to me that the Democratic side belongs to the Constable. But like you said, this race can change at any moment.

Anonymous said...

I think this race is about to heat up. I reviewed the petitions and you can say bye-bye to Tim Prendergast on the republican ballot. Once you take of the duplicates he has about 90 signatures. Tim also has issues with his democratic signatures; forgetting to put his occupation on one of the petitions and duplicate signatures may even get him kicked off the democratic side. Tony Bassil is in trouble as well. He had John Robinson circulate his Republican petitions and John is no longer a resident of college hill. Even if you do count John Robinsons petition he is at 99 Republican signatures after duplicates. We'll see who steps up and chanllenges these. I'm still review Wheeler, Koorie and Grifo. I'll check back if there are issues.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ people are aware of Wheelers dishonesty as a constable for Elwell and the former SS dj.

Bernie O'Hare said...

So let me get this straight. Gay Elwell employed a dishonest constable. And the claim is made by someone who won't sign his name.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie,I'm back from Cabela's and the new Cigar's International with a cigar bar ,what a place!Murphy Jewelers too wonderful, I always get Peggy something after I have been to the BIG BOY STORES.Anyway Lance is not dishonest. Who would post this. He is not my choice but never the less he is not a thief.AND , I might add that Anonymously 5;51 is wrong about John Robinson ,so hang on to your hat ,SOMEBODY is stirring the pot that has some sort of interest in this and I'll bet it is not any candidate but some other person.--WHO? Is some one picking on minorities here? Better not be.