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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Vote For Krissa!

Forget those elections for a moment and cast your vote where it really counts. Vote for Krissa!

I had no idea Northampton County assessors were so buff, but Krissa Viscomi is living proof. She's entered an abs contest at B104, and all I can say is -- Wow! County Executive John Stoffa should make this picture the new County seal. Mercy and justice. Not only is Krissa gorgeous, but she is one of the nicest and classiest people in the Courthouse.

Naturally, she is from the Nazareth area, where all the men are very handsome and quite intelligent.

If you have a second, give Krissa your vote. The contest ends today.

You can vote here.

(Please, let's be nice in the comments or I will shut them down.)


Anonymous said...

She is a nice person and looks great. Good for her, she has my vote.

Please do not show the picture to John Stoffa. He will rush down to her office and tell one of his legandary sexually inappropriate jokes.

Anonymous said...

Is that what you call the"ripple effect?"

Tommy Chong said...

She belongs on the cover of P-90X!

Bernie O'Hare said...

She does.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she hangs out with Paul Ryan at the gym

Anonymous said...

That's not sexy at all.guys are suppose to have those kind of stomachs.last time I looked at Victoria secrets they didn't look like that.

Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan I thought she was happily married.hmmmm